The Maven and The Fast and The Pretentious

A quandary faced c.d. this morning…dinner with The Film Babe on their anniversary or his 50th high school reunion? Then he turned to the movies…First one had cinematic integrity …it was what it was…The Fast and The Furious 6 and a film …in his words…so pretentious it was criminal…Now You See Me.

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The Maven and The Mob

The conversation started with allergies and what we ate over the Memorial Day weekend. Then Mr. Kaplan focused on the true mob story…The Ice Man…with a haunting portrayal of hit man Richard Kuklinski by Lexington’s Michael Shannon.

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C. Mav…The Dalai Lama and No Star Trek.

c.d.’s conversation begins with The Dalai Lama in New Orleans with Allen Toussaint and Dr. John…and then he enlightens us on how he walked out of Star Trek after 90 seconds to see Iron Man 3…with toss-away banter…worth seeing.  He finishes out our time together with the Scottish film…The Angel Share.

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The Maven And Gatsby

Sans any pre-review gabbing…c.d. got right into the details of an important film.  The very difficult to review…The Great Gatsby.  No Iron Man 3, but he also saw two worth seeing movies…Pain & Gain and Mud.

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The Maven and the Company You Keep

To start, c. d. articulates on The Kentucky Derby and Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  Then his attention turns to…The Company You Keep…full of stunning acting and star power.

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Watch a Clip of Wax Fang’s ‘American Dad’ Episode on USA Today


USA Today’s Pop Candy just did a nice write up about Wax Fang’s upcoming American Dad episode, which features multiple tracks from the band as well as an original score from frontman Scott Carney.

The article also includes a short clip of the show, which airs this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET, set to the track Majestic.