The Culture Maven Goes Nautical

CD hits the ground running with a lesson on B movies. Then he dives into Phantom, a delightfully engaging B movie about a Soviet submarine crew.

Forecastle 2013 Lineup Announced!


It’s here! The lineup for Forecastle 2013 has been announced!

Forecastle 2013 lineup

A Very Maven Birthday

The birthday Maven begins speaking of senior moments and losing his phone.  He then opines on and turns his attention to…Americana of the highest order…The Oscars.

The Strokes – One Way Trigger


The latest album from The Strokes, Comedown Machine, is out in just a few weeks. There have been differing reports about whether or not the band will tour in support of the release, but one thing is for certain: We can listen to the lead single, One Way Trigger, right this second.

The Maven’s Maturity Allows Him To Enjoy

Our Maven of Culture wants to remind you to go to the websites of The Jewish Film Festival and The Film Society of Louisville to find films not showing at the bigger theaters.

This week he reviews the deep and adoring Amour.

Just an OK Week for fhe Maven

CD starts upset because he missed Leeza Gibbons when she was in town last week. He then turns to the Jewish Film Festival and an intriguing film during World War II, My Best Enemy.  After that, he talks about two flawed films he wanted to love, Stand Up Guys with Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken, and Hyde Park On Hudson with Bill Murray and Laura Linney.