Nothing But Net: Holiday Edition

NBN.webgrfxPlease join Matt Anthony and Mark Bacon for a new Holiday Classic—Nothing But Net. We survey the college basketball landscape heading into Christmas 2009. Topics addressed include Bob Knight’s assertions regarding integrity in college basketball, and how it relates to John Calipari. Is Black-White is the new 22 for the Louisville Cards? And a look at Kansas, Texas, and their challengers for college basketball supremacy in the next week.  Season’s Greetings from Matt and Mark.

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Christmas Showcase Live Lunch Video

Here is the one that kicked it all off.

Happy holidays form all of us here at WFPK and Louisville Public Media.

Duke’s Voice Rest

IMG00016-20091218-0732     Shut Up! Don’t say a word. Write it on the white board.     

     Well we’re caught up. That’s been my life since October 23rd.

     I want to thank you for your concern about my absence. You’ve been calling Kyle, I’ve been getting emails and cards asking how I’m doing and it makes my day everytime it happens.

      Breifly here’s what happened. The day after the Fall Drive I began coughing and it was violent enough to hemorrhage my vocal cords.  I was told it may take two or three months to heal. I’m really hoping to be back next week or at least the first week of January.

      Not talking isn’t easy. It dosen’t help that my hand writing is barely legible. Man not being able to communicate really sucks.

      I wish you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season…I miss you and will be back as soon as I can. 

      Have Fun…Duke

Nothing But Net, with UK’s Mike Pratt

180px-Mike-PrattPlease join Matt Anthony and Mark Bacon for this week’s webcast of Nothing But Net, and our very special guest, former UK basketball All-American, former member of the ABA’s Kentucky Colonels (remember them?), and the current analyst for the Wildcat Radio Network, Mike Pratt. Mike will share his insights into the UK Wildcat cagers this season, Coach Calipari, and a look back at his career playing under The Baron—the legendary Adolph Rupp. It’s an episode all Cat fans, and basketball junkies in general, will want to catch.

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Peter Bradley Adams Returns To Live Lunch And Gets Another Video

Here it is

You’re pronouncing it wrong

Kyle and I were chatting this morning about how to properly pronounce Sigur Ros (consensus: the P is silent), and that brought to mind one of my all-time favorite bits of silliness, courtesy of the Pythons. Happy Friday!