Film Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

This post apocalyptic action adventure works on so many levels, I truly believe it shall be considered one of the best movies of 2015.

Film Review: Hot Pursuit

Sofia Vergara and Reece Witherspoon are a lot funnier in this on the road flick than you’d ever expect.

Film Review: While We’re Young

If you’ve hit middle age or beyond, it’s hit. A moment when you wonder, what happened to youth? Noah Baumbach’s latest film is a good one that contemplates that situation.

Film Review: The Wrecking Crew

This is a fascinating and entertaining documentary about the crack gang of LA studio musicians, who created much of the soundtrack of the ’60s.

Film Review: Furious 7

More cars, more car chases, more crashes, more explosions, more of what you want in seventh rendition of furiosity.

Film Review: It Follows

It Follows is a teen horror movie, that’s a cut way above the norm.