Film Review: The Art of the Steal

I’m always a sucker for a heist flick. Especially, if it’s funny and the scam is reasonably plausible. Both are present here.

Film Review: Like Father Like Son

Here we have an arresting story, focusing on what is among parents’ worst nightmares, discovering that a child is not actually theirs, that the newborn was switched at birth in the hospital.

Film Review: The Wind Rises

Animation master Hayao Miyazaki has fashioned another visual masterpiece in his farewell film, a fascinating look at the life of Japanese plane designer Jiro Horikoshi.

Film Review: About Last Night

Kevin Hart seems to be everywhere these days, on the silver screen and off…including the second cinematic ideation of a David Mamet play, now called About Last Night.

Review: The Lego Movie

Who woulda thunk that a flick about everybody’s favorite toy as a kid would be so funny, so poignant and well-crafted?

Review: Gloria

What a marvelously rendered Chilean film, that observes the life of a fiftysomething divorcee. Sounds bland and boring, but is not.