Film Review: Mortdecai

I’m not quite sure why the nation’s movie critics have chosen to mercilessly pan this silly comedy, which I found enjoyable.

Film Review: Selma

That some of the issues protested during the 1960s civil rights movement still exist today make this a most relevant movie.

Film Review: Big Eyes

A little less Christoph Walz, and this might have been a lot better movie. As it is, it’s an enjoyable curiosity.

Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

This sequel to a rather mundane and forgettable comedy is actually mildly humorous, and may well be worth your time. Whodathunkit?

Film Review: Dear White People

The is a stunning film debut. Justin Simien has created a most entertaining skewering of racial politics in America.

Film Review: The Two Faces of January

Athens. 1962. A couple with something to hide meets up with an American ex-pat hustling rich ladies while guiding tours at the Parthenon. Intrigue ensues.