Film Review: The Two Faces of January

Athens. 1962. A couple with something to hide meets up with an American ex-pat hustling rich ladies while guiding tours at the Parthenon. Intrigue ensues.

Film Review: The Skeleton Twins

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader go dramatic in “The Skeleton Twins.” They give marvelous performances as a brother and sister with issues. There are also funny moments.

Film Review: The One I Love

Trust me, this movie starring Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss, is not your ordinary married couple with issues going off to a retreat to find resolution kind of fare.

Film Review: The Drop

James Gandolfini, in his last role, is featured in this potboiler. But it’s Tom Hardy who steals the film, as well as the atmospheric rendering of a romanticized Brooklyn.

Film Review: Frank

Maggie Gyllanhall and Michael Fassbender are featured in this truly unique film about a band, made up of a number of disparate members, led by a fellow, who always wears a paper mâché head.

Film Review: Calvary

Brendan Gleeson is featured as a small village Irish priest, who administers to an eccentric flock, while knowing one of them intends to kill him in a week. It’s lighter than it sounds.