Film Review: Everest

So obsessive can some be, that even pros forget caution when trying to summit the world’s highest peak.

Film Review: Black Mass

James Whitey Bulger was one nasty SOB. So, how does Johnny Depp’s portrayal hold up?

Review: A Walk in the Woods

Can Robert Redford and Nick Nolte survive each other and the great outdoors, when they set out to walk the Appalachian Trail?

Film Review: Phoenix

This German film is a gem, my favorite film of the year, with the best final scene I’ve ever watched.

Film Review: Mistress America

Greta Gerwig is featured in this resurrection of the Screwball Comedy.

Film Review: What Happened Miss Simone?

This Netflix documentary, which includes lots of performance videos, reveals not only the turbulent life of the iconic Nina Simone, but why we should care about it.