Film Review: The End of the Tour

Not sure if Jason Segal’s portrayal here of writer David Foster Wallace is accurate or not? But it’s most compelling, and makes the film worthy of your consideration.

TV Review: Show Me a Hero

David Simon created “The Wire,” which I consider the best drama ever, any medium. He’s back on HBO with the compelling “Show Me a Hero.”

Film Review: Straight Outta Compton

The tale of Dre, Ice Cube, Easy E, Sug, et. al. finally makes it to the big screen.

Film Review: Cop Car

A couple of pubescent boys run away from home, come across what appears to be an abandoned police car, which they steal. Unfortunately that brings them within one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon.

Film Review: Man From UNCLE

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakan are back, though it’s still ’63, in Guy Ritchie’s seriously stylin’ redux of the popular TV series. Alicia Vikander joins them as a sidekick.

Film Review: Ricki & The Flash

Meryl Streep does her thing, nailing another role, this time as the lead singer in a Cali cover band, who, when crisis strikes, returns home, and reconciles — more or less — with her estranged family.