Film Review: Like Father Like Son

Here we have an arresting story, focusing on what is among parents’ worst nightmares, discovering that a child is not actually theirs, that the newborn was switched at birth in the hospital.

Film Review: The Wind Rises

Animation master Hayao Miyazaki has fashioned another visual masterpiece in his farewell film, a fascinating look at the life of Japanese plane designer Jiro Horikoshi.

Film Review: About Last Night

Kevin Hart seems to be everywhere these days, on the silver screen and off…including the second cinematic ideation of a David Mamet play, now called About Last Night.

Review: The Lego Movie

Who woulda thunk that a flick about everybody’s favorite toy as a kid would be so funny, so poignant and well-crafted?

Review: Gloria

What a marvelously rendered Chilean film, that observes the life of a fiftysomething divorcee. Sounds bland and boring, but is not.

Review: Oscar Live Shorts

Rarely do we get an opportunity to see the films nominated for Oscars as live action shorts. Presented here are 2014’s nominees, two of which are extraordinary, one, very clever and one, funny.