Film Review: Blue Jasmine

At 77 years old, Woody Allen, one of the greatest of film directors, is still at it. Blue Jasmine, starring the estimable Kate Blanchett, is among Allen’s best.

Film Review: Jobs

Ashton Kutcher does a reasonably good job of portraying the vexing, complicated man Steve Jobs, who was one of the founders of, and became the face of Apple Computers.

Film Review: The Butler

Forget about the unwieldy title, resulting from a Hollywoodland legal squabble, resulting in the name of the director, Lee Daniels, appearing in the title. This film, centered on a former sharecropper who worked as a White House butler for decades, is in fact, a unique look at the civil rights movement in America.

The Maven’s Swan Song On Tuesday Mornings

c.d. opens informing us that he’s moving to Saturdays at 11:30 am with James Bickers.
He loved the children’s laughter during Despicable Me 2…then turned his attention to…the all-in-all not bad…The Lone Ranger.

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Culture Maven on “Something In The Air” and More

After a week off recovering from falling off his bicycle, the Culture Maven returns with a few new film reviews.  The French coming of age movie Something In the Air gets positive acclaim, as do a pair of “summer films”:  buddy cop movie The Heat and the stupid-but-enjoyable White House Down.

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The Maven and Films from Opposite Ends of the Serious Scale

c.d. starts off dealing with mushy seats in his vehicle.  He then switches gears to a talkathon but a rewarding trip to the movies…Before Midnight.   At the other end of the seriousness scale…he was surprised at how much he enjoyed Seth Rogen’sThis Is The End.

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