Film Review: Closed Circuit

In a era when more people feel they are being watched and followed more of the time, an interesting film about paranoia at the highest levels of government is certainly timely. Closed Circuit is certainly that.

Film Review: Elysium

Jodie Foster is Minister of Security on a space station utopia called Elysium. Matt Damon has been radiated and needs to get their from the dystopia that is Earth in the future. A sci-fi move ensues.

Film Review: The World’s End

You’ve done the Bambi Walk. Now see what happens when some old school blokes, now grown up, do it in England. Edgar Wright, responsible for Shaun of the Dead, a film as clever as its title, gives a skewed rendition of a night on the town.

Film Review: Blue Jasmine

At 77 years old, Woody Allen, one of the greatest of film directors, is still at it. Blue Jasmine, starring the estimable Kate Blanchett, is among Allen’s best.

Film Review: Jobs

Ashton Kutcher does a reasonably good job of portraying the vexing, complicated man Steve Jobs, who was one of the founders of, and became the face of Apple Computers.

Film Review: The Butler

Forget about the unwieldy title, resulting from a Hollywoodland legal squabble, resulting in the name of the director, Lee Daniels, appearing in the title. This film, centered on a former sharecropper who worked as a White House butler for decades, is in fact, a unique look at the civil rights movement in America.