Down and Nerdy: Chess-boxing and Homefront

IN WHICH the game of chess gives way to fisticuffs, and a new red menace is averted.

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A Very Special Episode of Down and Nerdy

IN WHICH we discuss childhood traumas from television, and Briana gives us a breaking Marriage Bathroom Update.

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Down and Nerdy: Tom Dowd and Infinity Blade

IN WHICH an awesome music documentary is appreciated, and James brings an iPad to a sword fight.

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Down and Nerdy: Helvetica and 4D Man

IN WHICH a font is appreciated, and a man walks through walls while snappy music plays.

Down and Nerdy: Scratch-and-sniff moon and “Ellery Queen”

IN WHICH we smell rocks, and puzzles are solved.

Down and Nerdy: The Dungeon Masters and The Avengers

IN WHICH 20-sided dice are rolled, and we’re needed.