Down and Nerdy: “Tron” and “Survivors”

IN WHICH electric neon giddiness pervades, and the world ends.

Down and Nerdy: Banksy on The Simpsons, Rubicon and

IN WHICH subversive art is celebrated, quiet deals are struck and triple words are scored.

Down and Nerdy: Drunk History and Doctor Who

IN WHICH historical acts are reimagined improperly, and we get all wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Down and Nerdy: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox and “2112” on Guitar Hero

IN WHICH soap is rightfully celebrated, as is a mythic quest for a magical (plastic) guitar.

Down and Nerdy: Graphjam and video game news

IN WHICH graphs are celebrated – even, nay, especially, those which do not convey useful information – and a big week in video game news is discussed.

Down and Nerdy: Hack is Wack and The Wilderness Downtown

IN WHICH illegal computer activities are decried, and recreational computer activities bring a tear to the eye.