Down and Nerdy: “Copyright Criminals” and Satoshi Kon

IN WHICH sampling is sampled, and an anime master is remembered

Down and Nerdy: Choose Your Own Adventure books and DeathSpank

IN WHICH heroic actions are undertaken, both on the printed page and on the electronic video screen.

Down and Nerdy: Strange Maps and Guillermo del Toro

IN WHICH maps of all sorts are celebrated, as is a certain film director of macabre and imaginative sensibilities.

Down and Nerdy: The Geek Atlas and “Limbo”

IN WHICH geekish travel is celebrated, and a very dark video game is played.

Down and Nerdy: Lou. Astronomical Society and ‘chap-hop’

IN WHICH we keep our teacups on the ground but keep reaching for the stars.

Down and Nerdy: Auto-tuning Alex Trebek and the Rush documentary

IN WHICH a quizmaster is inappropriately treated, and the greatest rock band of all time finally gets some attention.