Jimmy Eat World – “Sure and Certain”


In a week’s time, we got new American Football, Taking Back Sunday, Bouncing Souls, and Jimmy Eat World. So, yeah, there is definitely something in the air, and that something is the late 90s/early 00s emo & punk scene. Not that I’m complaining. All of them send me some excitement to a certain degree, but Jimmy Eat World might just be top of that heap. Their latest offering from the upcoming Integrity Blues has their classic sound all over it, perfect for changing some high schoolers life and make a grizzled ex-scenester just as happy.

Meat Loaf – “Speaking In Tongues”


Need a new Meat Loaf song for your day? Why not? “Speaking In Tongues” is a power ballad in all of the traditional ways, complete with Mr. Loaf’s over-the-top vocal theatrics, a gospel choir, and at moments finds the song as a duet with Stacey Michelle, who was instructed to sound like Merry Clayton.

Lee Fields – “Special Night”


The soul man Lee Fields drops his fifth LP with The Expressions on November 4th. The promo ball just got rolling this morning with the first single (and title track), “Special Night,” which should produce a few babies named Lee around nine months from now.

Sleigh Bells – “It’s Just Us Now”


Sleigh Bells recently announced their next album, Jessica Rabbit, due out November 11. The latest listen has plenty of teeth and ferociousness to it, as well as it’s own video.

Joan Shelley – “Cost In The Cold” & “Here and Whole”


Louisville’s own Joan Shelley will spend the fall touring with Wilco (and a pair of shows with Patty Griffin, too!), and has just released a pair of songs to bring with her on the trek. They’re completely beautiful and should soundtrack the cooler months perfectly. Listen to both below.

R.E.M. – “Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1)”


R.E.M. will be releasing the 25th anniversary edition of Out Of Time on November 18th. The 4 disc collection will feature the remastered album, demos, live cuts, all of the album’s music videos, and the press kit that was sent around at the time. An acoustic version of “Radio Song” is just one of those many bonus tracks and definitely takes us back to 1991 when R.E.M. were standing atop the world with all of their radio songs.