The Last Shadow Puppets – “Is This What You Wanted” (Leonard Cohen cover)


The Last Shadow Puppets released their sophomore LP earlier this year, but still have some steam in the stack. The collaboration of Alex Turner and Miles Kane will be quick to follow up with an EP called The Dream Synopsis that’s due out Dec. 2. It will feature a pair of reworked originals, as well as a handful of covers. One of those surfaced this morning and shows the duo tackling a Leonard Cohen classic.

Download : American Football “Desire Gets In The Way”


So what did get in the way? Emo rockers American Football are back after 17 years, releasing their new album American Football on Oct. 21. Nine tracks of new material that takes them on a serendipitous detour down a familiar road. It is replete with the swelling emotions that might be spurred on by locked away memories unearthed by a familiar scent or crack in the concrete, or the rush of warm apprehension when coming face to face with a lover left before the fire was close to going out. “Desire Gets In The Way” is one of the album tracks that you can check out and grab now. It’s WFPK’s Download Of The Week.

           Download “Desire Gets In The Way” by American Football                                                


Simon Townshend & Eddie Vedder – “I Am The Answer”


Simon Townshend, a touring guitarist of The Who, as well as brother of Pete, is re-releasing his two solo albums Denial and Looking Out Looking In. While the former carries liner notes from Pete, the latter contains two bonus tracks featuring Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder on vocals.

Ted Leo “Heroes”


We may have lost David Bowie earlier this year (something I’m not wholly still ready to give in to), but with all of the activity from his camp that includes his Lazarus album and stage show, box sets, and general news, we seem to be getting more music from the master than ever. Unsurprising, but no less welcome, is a new tribute album called Let The Children Boogie, an “all ages album dedicated to the music and artistry of David Bowie, benefiting the It gets Better Project.”

Among the great list of artists involved (track list below), Ted Leo gives a great, fun rendition of “Heroes”. Turn it up, let loose, and let all the children boogie, indeed.

The Honeydogs and Chastity Brown – Oh! You Pretty Things

Walter Martin – Breaking Glass

Sonia de los Santos and Elena Moon Park – The Man Who Sold the World

Rachel Loshak with the New Standards – Starman

Lloyd H. Miller and Dean Jones – V-2 Schneider

Sally Timms and Jon Langford – The Prettiest Star

Molly Ledford – Sound and Vision

Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players – Kooks

Antibalas – Let’s Dance

Gustafer Yellowgold and the Pop Ups – Space Oddity

Ted Leo – Heroes

Wunmi – Fashion

Storey Littleton with Marco Benevento – Life on Mars?

Gina Chavez – Modern Love

Red Yarn – Magic Dance

Nakia and the Barton Hills Choir – Golden Years

Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower featuring Simi Stone – Changes

Uncle Rock and Tracy Bonham – Lady Stardust

Colin Brooks – I’ll Follow You

Rhett Miller – Ziggy Stardust

The Who – “The Girls I Could’ve Had”


The Who will once again expand their 1965 debut album, My Generation with a super deluxe remastered edition, due out in November. The set contains three previously unreleased Townshend cuts, which is completely surprising as it had seemed they had finally emptied those vaults for good some time ago. One of those singles popped up this morning, with a few words from Pete.

I have often said about my early songs that I tried hard to appeal to Roger’s sense of late teenage machismo. Either that, or I attempted to sound like Jan & Dean so that Keith Moon – who was a surf music fan – would get behind the song. Here, a rather machismo and bragging song slipped away because it was more about me than Roger Daltrey, and certainly not a surf number. It’s about my lack of success with girls when I lived at Chesham Place, partly because I spent all my time in my studio. Roger did very well with girls; it would never have worked for him to sing this lyric. The lyric is also fantastical. I make it sound as though I was turning down girls every day. In real life I was probably piqued that rarely happened. My tape machine was my mistress.

Bhi Bhiman – “With Love from Russia”


What are the odds that we would get two songs about Russia and Putin in the same week? First with Randy Newman’s take on the country’s leader, and now Bhi Bhiman drops his own thoughts courtesy of the 30 Days, 30 Songs series. “With Love From Russia” begins with Bhiman’s impersonation of Putin with the repeating question, “Donald, do you come in?” with a great groove throughout. Political songs have rarely been this fun.