Wild and Woolly Reviews Finale, March 10


Our weekly segment with Todd Brashear of Wild and Woolly Video has come to an end after 12 years of DVD reviews and other topics. The world of technology has dramatically changed the landscape of video stores but Wild and Woolly held out longer than most. The store will be missed but the people who made it even more, especially Todd who has been a faithful friend and supporter of the station for all of these years and then some. In this last episode, we bid him farewell and best of luck in whatever he decides to do next. I also enjoy teasing him about being so high maintenance and quite the Diva, which couldn’t be further from the truth!

In the Studio: Harry Connick Jr.


Before his show at the Louisville Palace on Saturday, the illustrious Harry Connick Jr. stopped by the studio and charmed the pants off of John Timmons.

Chloe: The Paws Report, March 11


Today on The Paws Report at 3:30:

Hello, my name is Chloe, but my foster mom thinks I look like a Phyllis. I don’t really care what you call me, as I can’t hear that well. I am a 12 year old toy poodle, and all I really want is a nice warm bed where I can nap and have yummy canned food. I may be tiny, but I love to eat! I don’t really know why I ended up at a shelter. I was the light of my owner’s life, and I was loved very much for 11 years. But then my owner got sick, so a relative took me in. It was very different for me then. I missed my home, my owner, and my old life. I lived with this other person until they decided to move, and they didn’t take me with them. So I was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society. I was so scared. All the strange smells and barking dogs terrified me. My heart was broken, and I wanted my old life back. Why would someone abandon me when I was a little old lady? I had just about given up hope that I would ever by happy again when a staff member saw me and took me into her office. For two days, all I did was sleep. You see, I was too scared to sleep when I was in the shelter. After I awoke, I began to take an interest in life again. I started going home with the staff member at night, and I met her other dogs. I had a fenced in yard that I could go potty in. And she gave me great food! Now I am so happy! I love to find a sun spot where I can sleep, and I am so excited when it’s dinner time. I’m happy now, but they say it’s time for me to find someone who will love me forever. Someone who will accept that I am an old girl who can’t hear well and who has bad hips from an old injury. (The doctors say I’m not in pain and I can get around just fine, but I walk with a limp.) If you are looking for a loving, undemanding, little senior dog, please call my foster mom at 502-762-3729 so she can arrange a time for you to meet me.
View all adoptable animals at www.kyhumane.org or call 502-366-3355 for more information.


We’ll also talk about the need for foster caregivers. Plus, the SNIP Clinic is having a $20 neuter-a-thon this Saturday for male cats. Limited to first 100 cats registered.

Vanna: The Paws Report, March 4


On The Paws Report today at 3:30 pm meet:

Vanna, a lively Treeing Walker Coonhound. Even though she is three years old, she is a forever puppy! She loves to play with toys. She will even toss her toys herself when her human doesn’t want to play. Vanna would love a big fenced-in backyard that she can gallop around in. Vanna has quite the personality and adores attention from humans. If you have any other fur babies, Vanna would prefer to meet them before coming home with you to make sure everyone gets along. Vanna is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all of vaccinations. Meet her at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive in Louisville. Visit www.kyhumane.org or call 502-366-3355 for information about KHS pets and programs.

Also, the SNIP Clinic is hosting a neuter-a-thon for male cats next Saturday, March 14. $20 neuters and includes a free rabies vaccine. Limited to first 100 male cats signed up.

KHS had their kitten shower last weekend which was a blast! Very well attended, with lots of donations for kittens that will be coming in soon. A good reminder about the importance of spaying/neutering, fostering, and the need for adoptive homes.

In the Studio: Shovels & Rope


Shovels & Rope tore the roof off of Headliners, but not before stopping into the WFPK studios to talk with Kyle Meredith and play a few songs. Listen in and hear a third song that wasn’t included on the broadcast!

In the Studio: The Soil and the Sun


The seven-piece chamber pop band The Soil and The Sun performed two songs from their new album Meridian in our studio before playing to a sold out crowd at the final WFPK Winter Wednesday of the season.