This is your one stop shop for everything that happens in the WFPK studio. If a musician, celebrity, or adorable animal pops in, you'll find the audio right here thanks to Flanagan's Ale House!

Greg Holden In the 91.9 Studio


From Scotland via England and now in the States, singer/songwriter Greg Holden graced our studio with two songs from his upcoming album called Chase The Sun on Warner Bros. Records. One of those songs is called “Boys In The Street” about growing up with a homophobic step-father. It’s a very powerful song and displays the expert craftsmanship of this up and coming songwriter.

Interview: Hannah Welton, Prince’s Drummer


The Louisville Leopard Percussionists have spawned yet another great drummer to go pro and this time a very high profile indeed with Hannah Welton. She is the drummer in Prince’s band 3rd Eye Girl. Hannah was born in Louisville then moved to Chicago when she was 12. Not only does she have great stories to tell about her life so far, but also a great attitude about life in general. We spoke with Hannah right before the 4 sold-out shows she’ll be doing with Prince at the Louisville Palace this weekend.

In the Studio: Harry Connick Jr.


Before his show at the Louisville Palace on Saturday, the illustrious Harry Connick Jr. stopped by the studio and charmed the pants off of John Timmons.

In the Studio: Shovels & Rope


Shovels & Rope tore the roof off of Headliners, but not before stopping into the WFPK studios to talk with Kyle Meredith and play a few songs. Listen in and hear a third song that wasn’t included on the broadcast!

In the Studio: The Soil and the Sun


The seven-piece chamber pop band The Soil and The Sun performed two songs from their new album Meridian in our studio before playing to a sold out crowd at the final WFPK Winter Wednesday of the season.

Joan Shelley on 91.9


Louisville musician Joan Shelley stopped by the studio before her performance at WFPK’s Winter Wednesday and performed two brand new songs for us. She also has a new album out called Electric Ursa.