Off The Record: Ron Whitehead

This week’s Off The Record guest is Ron Whitehead.  His latest book is titled The Storm Generation Manifesto and it’s release will be celebrated this Thursday at The Green Building.  He will also be holding a poetry/music event at The Rudyard Kipling on August 27.  According to his bio:

Ron Whitehead is a poet, writer, editor, publisher, organizer, scholar, professor. The son of Edwin and Greta Whitehead, he grew up on a farm outside of Centertown, population 323, in Ohio County, western Kentucky. He graduated from Ohio County High School in 1968. He attended Georgetown College, Western Kentucky University, The University of Louisville, and Oxford University (England). As undergraduate and graduate student he was the recipient of numerous scholarships, grants, fellowships, awards, and prizes including The Dean’s Graduate School Citation at UofL and The English Speaking Union’s Oxford Scholar Award plus the Joshua B. Everett Oxford Scholar Award. At Oxford he studied with Dr. Valentine Cunningham, Head of English Literature, at Oxford’s International Graduate School. As poet and writer he is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards/prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize and The Yeats Club of Oxford’s Prize for Poetry. In 2004 he was inducted into Ohio County High School’s Hall of Fame. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature. (Read more at Ron’s official website.)

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Here are Ron’s five picks:

Off The Record: Rebecca Williams

Our guest is busy Louisville-based folk musician Rebecca Williams. Rebecca is an international touring singer-songwriter hailing from Louisville, KY. She has released one EP titled “The Lion and The Unicorn.”

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Here Are Rebecca’s five picks:

Off The Record: Honey Roy

Our Guest for this week’s Off The Record is “Honey” Roy Carter.  According to his bio:

My music career began in the streets of New Orleans, LA where I played harmonica for tips. After getting some curbside lessons, I hitchhiked through the Florida Keys and stayed for the Winter. Spring returned, and I headed North taking a brief pit stop in Ocala National Forest for a Rainbow Gathering. Things get a little fuzzy at that point, but I do remember making some money in little Five Points Atlanta, GA before returning to my hometown of Evansville, IN. From there I fronted my first band which was an inspiration. We moved to Bloomington, IN and quickly disbanded. I put together a new group, and we received the honor of being voted best local band by a reader’s poll. The Bloomington Voice sent us to Memphis, TN where we opened for Tonic at Beale Street Park during the Crossroads Music Showcase. We also opened for Train in B-town right before they became superstars. I left Indiana to study music theory and marketing in Oregon. While snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor, I earned my degree and was once again voted best local band. In Bend, OR, I recorded the first CD which actually captured my sound. The songs from that CD continue to sell via internet through a digital distribution deal with CD Baby. Now as a father of two boys and a girl I hope to pass down this heritage just as my father has done with me. My Dad and I continue to do gigs together whenever we can, and I pray that he’ll be around long enough to see my kids join us. I’ve got a new CD that I’m selling at our live shows.

You can catch Honey Roy At Qdoba on Bardstown Road at Eastern Parkway on Friday, August 13th, 7-9pm.  Here are Honey Roy’s funky picks:

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  • Paul Delay: Love Gone Cold
  • Mike Clark: The Grinder
  • Larry Graham & The Graham Central Station: Is It Love
  • Maktub: Just Like Murder
  • Rubberneck: I Don’t Know

Off The Record: Butch Rice

Our guest this week is long time Louisville singer/songwriter Butch Rice.  You can catch Butch at his regular Thursday night gig at BW3’s in Saint Matthews and he’ll have a CD coming out soon.  According to his bio:

I sing and I write a song every now and then. I’ve lived in Louisville, KY for most of my life and I love music. As long as I can remember there has been music in my life, music all around me, music inside me. It’s always been there. I don’t really know where it started or how I got hooked. I close my eyes to remember and I find myself at my Granny’s player piano with her playing while her brothers and sisters gathered around her singing along. I’m listening to my Great-Grandmother humming next to me as he wrote in her diary. My Grandfather is blasting Big Boss Man on the 8-track of his 1978 Pontiac Bonneville as we drove down a country gravel road. I’m sitting in front of my Aunt’s stereo listening to her copies of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper and Rubber Soul. My Mom is playing Stevie Wonder’s Greatest Hits on the way to my Grandparents for the holidays and my Dad changes the tape so Marvin Gaye, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire sing to us on the way back home. Mtv is on and I can’t get enough. I can remember trying to sing along with it all. (Read more at Butch’s website).

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Here are Butch’s favorite “dark” love songs:

Off The Record: Chris Jackson

Our guest today is the lead vocalist for the Louisville duo A Lion Named Roar.  They released their debut CD Said And Done in February and also performed on WFPK’s Live Lunch in support of it.  As the group’s Myspace page notes:

Chris Jackson and Tyler Anderson have been collaborating on songs since they met in high school in 2003. Wandering in and out of several bands, all with their own unique styles, they are no stranger to songwriting and touring. The years of pursuing their dream of playing music are finally paying off, and they’re willing to wager their time in return for your feedback…(read more at their Myspace page).

A Lion Named Roar will be part of an outdoor Christian music festival called Shepherdsfest on Saturday August 28th in Shepherdsville, KY.  Here are Chris Jackson’s Off The Record picks:

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Off The Record: Amber Garvey

This week’s Off The Record guest is Amber Garvey of sonaBLAST! Records, located here in Louisville @ The Green Building. They represent such artists as Ben Sollee, Lucky Pineapple, The Seedy Seeds (who will be part of this Friday’s Live Lunch at noon on WFPK), The Pass and more. Amber works with artists to see their albums through production, works on licensing, contracts, etc. Amber has noticed this record hot summer in Louisville as have the rest of us, so her theme is weather related. She’ll start with some heat, build up to a storm and then cool things down:

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  • John Hartford: Long Hot Summer Day
  • Billie Holiday: Stormy Weather
  • The White Stripes: 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues
  • Led Zeppelin: The Rain Song
  • The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun