Off The Record: JK McKnight

On the eve of what will be the biggest Forecastle Festival since it’s start in 2002, our guest is once again the Festival’s “Captain” JK McKnight.  This time around JK’s theme are songs that make him think of travel – both in the literal sense and in the “moving through life” sense.  Three of his song choices (Rocket, Do You Realize & I Put My Camera On) are by bands that will be performing at this years event:

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Off The Record: Noah Hewett-Ball

Our guest for this week’s Off The Record is Noah Hewett-Ball, leader of the Louisville group Cabin which just released a new CD called Among the Rectangles and Changeable Parts.  According to the band’s Myspace website Noah was:

A musical late bloomer, Hewett-Ball taught himself to play piano in the practice rooms at Murray State, where he attended college. “They were open 24 hours a day but I noticed that the talent didn’t practice past midnight,” he says. “That was when I could sneak my jam box in and learn Yann Tiersen by ear.” The guitarist, pianist and singer returned to his native Louisville, Ken. with a degree and the desire to start a band so he hooked up with a cousin and two high school friends and wrote, recorded, and released an album, 2005’s “Govern the Good Life.” Shortly thereafter Hewett-Ball’s band mates began to fall away one by one and were replaced by Welder (violin, viola, keys, vocals), Chale (drums) and Lease (bass). That lineup recorded the “I Was Here” EP in 2007 and began to stretch their touring legs. Cabin began to get traction but decided in mid-2008 to take a break from playing out. “We had spent the last two years back peddling with each new member while touring and hadn’t really become a band of our own,” Hewett-Ball says. “We decided to put touring on hold until there was a new record to support.” “Among the Rectangles And Changeable Parts” features ten songs tracked by Chale, a former recording engineering student at Indiana University’s prestigious School of Music, in the band’s rehearsal studio. Cabin’s new material treads thin lines; they are romantic but not saccharine, knowing but not cynical, lyric but not pretentious.

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Here are Noah’s five Off The Record picks:

Off The Record: Wayne Young

Our guest for this week’s Off The Record is guitarist and veteran of the Louisville rock music scene: Wayne Young. According to his MySpace bio:

Young started his music career in the late 1950s with the Carnations, and in the 1960s joined Soul, Inc. for two tours with the “Dick Clark Caravan of Stars” and nights opening for Bo Diddley, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and The Byrds. In the 1970s and 1980s, Young began to hone his blues licks with The Heavyweights and later toured extensively with his own group, Midnight Special. In the Nineties, he created and performed the popular Slow Hand, and Eric Clapton tribute show, and reunited with his Soul, Inc. band mates to put out a CD under the name The Shufflin’ Granddads. Wayne Young currently performs regularly throughout the region with Wayne Young and The Louisville Legends.

Wayne Young & the Louisville Legends will be preforming at the Jeffersonville River Stage Friday July 16th, at 8 to 10:30pm
Spring & River Road in Jeffersonville, IN.

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Wayne recently discovered a project he worked on as engineer/guitarist (and some vocals) back in 1970 called “For Now.” It was a two album set of gospel songs “modernized” for younger audiences.   Besides Wayne, Dennie Lile provided some of the lead vocals, Marvin Maxwell on drums, Ray Barrickman bass & vocals, and Ronnie Bedenbaugh, keyboards.  Here are Wayne’s 5 picks taken from those two albums:

  • All My Trials
  • You’d Better Go
  • With Joy
  • Come Away
  • Come My Brothers

Off The Record: John La Barbera

Our guest this week is the long time host of ‘Best Coast Jazz’ heard on WFPK 10:00-11:00 on Sunday mornings.  John La Barbera brings over thirty years of professional composing/arranging experience to his weekly show featuring the best of the big bands and large jazz ensembles. Sometimes interspersed with personal anecdotes and glimpses of the real inside of the jazz world. From Duke to Gil Evans, Dizzy to Woody, and Basie to Thad Jones, the show has a broad appeal and should satisfy the listening tastes of all age groups.

It began with a cornet in his hands at the age of five and a musical family (his brothers Pat and Joe have their own great stories to tell). From there, trumpeter John LaBarbera forged a name for himself as a performer, arranger and educator. During his tenure with Buddy Rich in the late sixties, John learned that he loved to compose and arrange. He is now one of the most respected artists in the field of large ensemble Jazz arranging. John’s Grammy nominated big band CD “On The Wild Side” and his latest “Fantazm,” on the JazzCompass label, have been met with tremendous artistic and commercial success and are on the way to becoming a jazz big band standards. Besides his work with Buddy Rich, John has had works performed and recorded by a host of well known musicians including Woody Herman, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Phil Woods and many others.

John LaBarbera is also a noted music educator. He is the former Director of Jazz Ensembles at Cornell University and is now a Professor of Music at the University of Louisville where his vast experience has led to the development of courses in Music Industry, Computer Techniques in music, and of course, Jazz.

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Here are John’s 5 picks:

Off The Record: Todd Hildreth

Our guest for this week’s Off The Record is a veteran of the Louisville music scene. A member of the likes of the Java Men and currently with the group Squeeze-bot, he’s keyboard and accordionist Todd Hildreth.  As Squeeze-bot’s Myspace page says:

Before the electric guitar ruined rock and roll, accordions, banjos and tubas had their rightful place in music. Driven underground by their oppressors, the great accordion/banjo/tuba bands have kept largely quiet, playing late night, speakeasy style concerts in underground clubs deep in the country, far from the ever vigilant ears of oppressive electric guitarist. In the year 2006, one such underground band would run no more, and have emerged from the underground with bold new stylings, not afraid to show how music should have been played all along. This band is Squeeze-bot.

Squeeze-bot has begun their Sunday nights at the Nachbar series from 8-11 every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

Also, Squeeze-bot plays at Clifton’s every Trolley hop Friday from 7:30-10:30.

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Here are Todd’s five picks:

Off The Record: Tara Anderson

Our guest this week is Tara Anderson.  She is a writer, a radio host, a mama, a wife, a wannabe chef, and a happy resident of Louisville — again.  She spent the last 10 years in New York City at public radio station WFUV, and moved back to Louisville last year for a saner life and to be closer to her family.  She’s currently working as a substitute host at Classical 90.5 WUOL (using her college education in music performance) and at 89.3 WFPL (using her college education in journalism).  She sings in the car, goes to concerts as much as she can, and really, truly, honestly loves just about every kind of music.


Here are Tara’s five Off The Record picks: