Off The Record: Dennie Humphrey

[podcast][/podcast]Our guest this week is the owner of The Monkey Wrench, Dennie Humphrey.  Since it’s been open The Monkey Wrench has seen some wonderful shows.  Dennie has ties to Bowling Green Ky as he says in his bio:

I am looking for people who used to go to Western Kentucky University. I worked at a place called “Baker Street Cafe” which is what inspired me to open my own. I have a passion for this business and would encourage anyone out there who ever passes through Louisville Ky to check this place out. The concept is very industrial sheik with a New York Lounge feel.

Dennie talks about some of his favorite performers:

Off The Record: Lee Troutman

This week’s Off The Record guest is Lee Troutman.  He’s a singer/songwriter and guitar player in the band Several Hundred People.  According to his bio, he  grew up a gypsy, spending his youth, and some of his adult years, as a beach bum, living up and down the coast of California, and driving around the United States. He spent the other half of his life in the bluegrass hills of Louisville, Kentucky, where he devoted the majority of his time to pickin’ the local bluegrass music, and taking lessons from local guitar slingers.

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The band is getting ready to celebrate a 2 day CD release event.  Friday May 14th they’ll be performing at The Rudyard Kipling and Saturday May 15th they will be throwing down at The Hideaway Saloon. Here are Lee’s 5 picks:

Off The Record: Sara Havens

Our guest this week is Sara Havens and Sara is the Bar Belle for LEO Weekly and writes about everything from the Louisville nightlife and hangover cures to the latest bar trends, cocktails and watered-down American swill. When not frequenting local watering holes, she doubles as the Arts & Entertainment Editor for LEO. You may also spot her behind the bar from time to time — she occasionally picks up bartending gigs around town, including at WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday. She enjoys bourbon, happy hours and long walks on the beach.  Here are Sara’s “Non-WFPK” song picks:


Off The Record: Michael Dufresne

[podcast][/podcast]Our guest this week is Michael Dufresne. He is an acoustic and electric bassist that has been living and playing in Louisville for the past decade. He currently plays with Arnett Hollow and the Slow Charleston. Former bands/projects include Zongo, People Noise, Days of the New and The Bill Barnes Trio, among others.  He & Arnett Hollow will be playing Derby Eve (along with Lucky Pineapple) at the Vernon Club.  Here are 5 songs that helped to set Michael’s music in motion:

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Off The Record: The Sirens

[podcast][/podcast]Our guests this week for Off The Record are The Sirens.  Together as the Sirens since 2007, singer songwriter Hettie Mays and poet Kri Martin create great music with a unique sound blending folk, hip hop, soul, and spoken word with gorgeous vocals and deep lyrics.  According to their bio:

Everything the Sirens do is out of Love first. They emulate love, gratitude, and empowerment they evoke emotions from every chakra. The Sirens are based out of Louisville KY and are ambassadors of the grass roots organization Mighty Kindness. The Sirens are the winners of the 2009 National Women’s Music Festival’s Discovers Talent Competition. They reflect their childhood dreams into realities, blending their love of written and spoken word with beautiful melodies and rhythms.

Before they left for a tour of the western United States Hettie & Kri were nice enough to give me 5 songs for Off The Record:

Off The Record: Louisville Ballet & Let’s Go Crazy At Thunder!

Our guests for this week’s Off The Record are five dancers with the Louisville Ballet each talking about a Prince song.  Why?  Because the Louisville Ballet and Leo Weekly are sponsoring an all evening fundraiser called “Let’s Go Crazy at Thunder Party” happening Saturday, April 17th.  The event includes food, bar, full view of Thunder Over Louisville and local group Wax Fang performing Purple Rain.  WFPK is giving you & three friends a chance to do Let’s Go Crazy at Thunder in style; register to win at  But hurry because Laura Shine will announce the winner between 3 and 6pm on April 15.  Here are (Left to right) Ashley Thursby, Eduard Forehand, Tawnee Thompson, Brian Grant and Kirsten Allman (in front) and their Purple Prince Picks:

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  • Ashley Thursby’s Pick: 1999
  • Kristen Allman’s Pick: When Doves Cry
  • Eduard”Eddie” Forehand’s Pick: Kiss
  • Tawnee Thompson’s Pick: Little Red Corvette
  • Brian Grant’s Pick: Purple Rain