Off The Record: Heidi Howe

Our guest this week is a familiar name to long time WFPK listeners: Heidi Howe.  She was the first guest to perform on WFPK’s Live Lunch series, and according to her Bio:

Heidi Howe is a singer, songwriter, music educator and mom from Louisville, KY. She has recorded 5 full length CD’s (2 on the Ear X-tacy label) and has played clubs across the country. Most recently, she produced the Louisville Lullabies CD with Gill Holland (of sonaBLAST! Records) as a benefit for the Home of the Innocents.

Heidi is also the founder of Louisville Preschool for the ARTS where she makes music with kids and their parents.

Here are Heidi’s five “Non Traditional” Lullabies:

Downloadable Mp3

Off The Record: JC Denison

Our guest this week for Off The Record was  busy heading to SXSW with his band Lucky Pineapple back when this originally aired in the Spring of 2010.   He is also the guiding force behind Another 7 Astronauts and you can catch Another 7 Astronauts at the Glassworks Rooftop show on Sept. 3rd, 2010.  .He’s drummer JC Denison and here are some fun facts about him he’d like to share:

-I play drums for Lucky Pineapple and Invaders

-I write and record (mostly) instrumental music under the name Another7Astronauts

-Invaders have a new album recorded which is awaiting release

Another7Astronauts music will be accompanying my photos at Highland Coffee throughout the month of March. “Music for Photographs” will be available then.

-I will be DJing as ClifTones w/ DJ Narwhal every Sunday afternoon on the rooftop of the Monkey Wrench starting in late April. We will be playing jazz, funk, soul, lounge, and tropicalia records to accompany the bloody mary and mimosa bars. All of this, when combined, will ideally cure Louisville’s hangover week to week.

-I have an affinity for sweaters

-I recently made the switch from soy milk to almond milk

Here are JC’s 5 picks:

Downloadable Mp3

Off The Record: Audrey Cecil

Our guest this week is upcoming singer/songwriter Audrey Cecil.    As Her Bio states:

Audrey Cecil, a Louisville KY singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, got her start playing the coffee shop circuit in her college days as part of a female acoustic duo called A-Squared. These days, Audrey has graduated to playing well over 100 shows per year as part of two Louisville KY bands: an acoustic duo (Amanda Lucas and Audrey Cecil) with music partner, Amanda Lucas; and a band called Two Cent Penny, which Lucas is also part of.

Audrey just released her self-titled CD and will be performing with her band at Phoenix Hill Tavern on March the 10th and Ear-X-Tacy on Saturday, March 13th starting at 12:30pm.  Here are Audrey’s five Off The Record picks:

Downloadable Mp3

Off The Record: The Ladybirds

Our Guests this week are members of the Louisville band The Ladybirds.  The group originally started as a project between vocalist SARAH SWAIN and bassist-songwriter JAXON LEE SWAIN in 2004.  As their bio states:

While drawing die-hard inspiration from classic Rock & Roll music of the 1950s and 60s, the ‘Birds songs are injected with doses of classic Punk Rock, Soul, Garage, Americana and Girl Group sounds, crafting an adventurous repertoire that has shown itself to be truly unique. Since cutting and self-releasing their first collection of songs, “WHISKEY& WINE” (sporting 10 tracks recorded in mono), in 2007, THE LADYBIRDS are now a quintet featuring Hammond organ slayer ANTHONY FOSSALUZZA and drummer/percussionist BRETT HOLSCLAW. Recently signed to Departure Records, THE LADYBIRDS are in the process of writing songs for a new album to be released in summer, 2010!

The Band will be opening up for the group Those Darlins at the Zanzabar on March 6th.  Here are the band’s five picks:

Downloadable Mp3

Off The Record: Dawn Landes

Our guest this week is Dawn Landes.  While she now lives in the Big Apple, she was born & raised in the ‘ville.  Dawn came back through town a few weeks ago supporting the release of her criticly acclaimed album Sweetheart Rodeo.  While here she took a few moments to talk about five women performers from the 1950s to the 1990s who have inspired her:

Downloadable Mp3

Off The Record: Colin Brown

Our guest this week is Colin Brown who is the owner & chief engineer of C.B.  Sound Studio located in Goshen Kentucky.  As a person who records many local artists  (Colin recorded Bloom Street’s CD Pure Goodness for example)  I thought it would be interesting to know what he listens to in his down time – and how a recording engineer “hears” music:

Downloadable Mp3