Nova: The Paws Report, April 15


Our star of The Paws Report today at 3:30:

Meet two-year-old Nova, a lovable Australian Shepherd mix who came to the Kentucky Humane Society from an overcrowded shelter. Nova spent some time in foster care while being treated for heartworm. While Nova seemed timid in the shelter, once in her foster home she really came out of her shell, revealing this sweet girl’s true nature. According to her foster mom, she is a total lap dog, rubbing her beautiful coat against everyone she meets. She’s also very playful and loved running around the yard and romping with the other dogs in the household. Nova also appears house trained, having only two accidents during the entire duration of her stay in foster care. If you’re looking for a cuddly companion, come by and play with Nova! Nova is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. You can meet Nova at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive. For more on Nova or any of our adoptable pets, please call 502-366-3355 or visit

Abby: The Paws Report, March 18


Today on The Paws Report at 3:30 pm:

Meet Abby, a big, 9-year-old cat with orange fur and bright green eyes. She was surrendered to the Kentucky Humane Society from her owner who could no longer care for her. She gets along with the other cats in the Cat Colony Room, where she enjoys hanging out by the window and watching the birds outside. She is a laid back gal and would stay by your side all day while you rub her neck. She is spayed, declawed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Come meet her at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive in Louisville. View all adoptable pets at or call 502-366-3355 for more information.

We also talk about:

On Tuesday, March 24, we are offering a Loud Pets Seminar. This free seminar, offered by our Pet Help Line, will give advice to owners about how to quiet barking dogs and meowing cats. It is held 6:30-8 pm at the KHS Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive in Louisville.

Also, we will begin offering Kitten Kindergarten Tuesdays in April. For $5, owners of kittens ages 8-15 weeks may bring their kittens to KHS where they will play with other kittens, meet a dog, learn tricks like “sit” and “come” when called, learn to enjoy being a pet carrier, get their nails clipped and more.

Kitten Kindergarten begins April 7 and will run Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. Classes will alternate between the KHS Main Campus at 241 Steedly Drive and East Campus at 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville. Owners will need proof of feline distemper vaccines (FVRCP) for their kittens to participate.

To register for either class, call 502-272-1062.

Chloe: The Paws Report, March 11


Today on The Paws Report at 3:30:

Hello, my name is Chloe, but my foster mom thinks I look like a Phyllis. I don’t really care what you call me, as I can’t hear that well. I am a 12 year old toy poodle, and all I really want is a nice warm bed where I can nap and have yummy canned food. I may be tiny, but I love to eat! I don’t really know why I ended up at a shelter. I was the light of my owner’s life, and I was loved very much for 11 years. But then my owner got sick, so a relative took me in. It was very different for me then. I missed my home, my owner, and my old life. I lived with this other person until they decided to move, and they didn’t take me with them. So I was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society. I was so scared. All the strange smells and barking dogs terrified me. My heart was broken, and I wanted my old life back. Why would someone abandon me when I was a little old lady? I had just about given up hope that I would ever by happy again when a staff member saw me and took me into her office. For two days, all I did was sleep. You see, I was too scared to sleep when I was in the shelter. After I awoke, I began to take an interest in life again. I started going home with the staff member at night, and I met her other dogs. I had a fenced in yard that I could go potty in. And she gave me great food! Now I am so happy! I love to find a sun spot where I can sleep, and I am so excited when it’s dinner time. I’m happy now, but they say it’s time for me to find someone who will love me forever. Someone who will accept that I am an old girl who can’t hear well and who has bad hips from an old injury. (The doctors say I’m not in pain and I can get around just fine, but I walk with a limp.) If you are looking for a loving, undemanding, little senior dog, please call my foster mom at 502-762-3729 so she can arrange a time for you to meet me.
View all adoptable animals at or call 502-366-3355 for more information.


We’ll also talk about the need for foster caregivers. Plus, the SNIP Clinic is having a $20 neuter-a-thon this Saturday for male cats. Limited to first 100 cats registered.

Arry: The Paws Report, Feb. 18


Today on The Paws Report at 3:30 pm meet:

Arry is a two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix who has been waiting to be adopted since November. This sweet, silly dog has a good sense of humor and loves meeting new people. She lived in a home with other dogs, but sometimes her energy can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we think she might do best with another high-energy dog, and we recommend a “meet and greet” with the resident dogs before adoption. According to her previous owner, Arry is far too interested in cats, so we recommend she be adopted by family without cats. She appears to play well with children of all ages. Arry is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. Meet Arry at the Kentucky Humane Society’s East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane in Louisville. View all adoptable pets at or call 502-366-3355 for more information.

Also, KHS issued its second Orange Flag Alert of the year. We are reminding people to bring their outside pets indoors. For outside dogs without indoor options, our Fern Cree, Pet Resort is offering free boarding through Feb. 20.

Mikey: The Paws Report, Feb. 11


On The Paws Report today at 3:30 pm:

Meet Mikey, and adorable black-and-white tuxedo kitten. Mikey came to the Kentucky Humane Society along with his mom, Noelle, and five siblings. The kittens were just two weeks old when they arrived, so they and their mom spent time in a temporary home, where they received love, attention and socialization – which is so important to growing kittens (and puppies). Now Mikey is ready for his forever home. This playful, silly kitten seems to get along well with other cats and loves meeting new people. Mikey is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and micro-chipped. Visit Mikey at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive, Louisville. Learn more about KHS’ adoptable pets at or call 502-366-3355.

– KHS took in 17 dogs from a pretty sad hoarding situation in Western Kentucky last Friday. A number of the dogs will be available for adoption today. But a few will need temporary foster homes, including a pregnant Boxer/Basset Hound mix who is heartworm positive and two shy/fearful dogs who will need confidence building.

– We are in great need for foster homes right now and we would LOVE to get some new fosters! We have many animals waiting for temporary homes. Commitments can be as little as 2 weeks to a few months, and we are happy to work around foster parents’ schedules. Fostering truly saves lives: often we can only take in needy animals from other shelters (typically puppies, moms with nursing babies, and animals who need medical fostering) if we know we have foster families who can help.

– People can learn more on our website, or they can email

Cami: The Paws Report, Feb. 4


The Star of The Paws Report today at 3:30 pm:

Cami is a loving six-year-old rat terrier/min pin mix (at least that’s our guess) who came to the Kentucky Humane Society after she was found wandering as a stray. Sadly, we were unable to locate her owner. Now her wandering days are over, and Cami would love to have a home of her own. Cami is a sweetheart who loves going for walks, and she has loved meeting everyone at the shelter. She seems to be good with other dogs too. If you are looking for an easygoing adult dog to add to your household, come meet this sweetheart. Cami is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. Meet Cami at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive in Louisville. Or visit or call 502-366-3355 for more information about our pets.