Junior & Friends: The Paws Report, March 26


Today on the Paws Report at 3:30pm we have Junior with his siblings Hercules and Smokey, nine-week-old kittens who came to the Kentucky Humane Society. Their owner was unable to afford to take care of them, so she brought them to KHS to be neutered and adopted. Junior is a bold, hilarious little guy who loves to pounce and play with his brothers. Junior will be available for adoption at North Shore Animal Rescue League’s Tour For Life on Friday, March 28, 1-6 p.m., at Westport Village in Louisville. Adoptable puppies, dogs, kittens and cats from KHS, Louisville Metro Animal Services, Derby City Dog Rescue, Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation, Hand-In-Paw Rescue, and Saved by the Bell Bully Rescue will be at the event looking for homes. Westport Village is located at Lyndon Lane and Herr. Learn more at www.kyhumane.org/tour-for-life-2014 or call 502-366-3355.

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Jazzy & Kittens: The Paws Report, March 12


One-year-old Jazzy came to the Kentucky Humane Society in September 2013 along with her four newborn babies and an orphan that she adopted and raised as her own. She spent time in foster care while raising the kittens, where she quickly settled in and got down to the business of raising a family. Her kittens are on their own now and, happily, have all been adopted so Jazzy is ready for a home of her own. Jazzy is a sweet, affectionate and easy-going cat. She would be perfect for just about any home. She likes to play but also loves to lie quietly next to you and lull you to sleep with her gentle purring. If you’re looking for a furry companion who is sweet, gentle and affectionate with just the right amount of energy, Jazzy is the girl for you! She is spayed, micro-chipped, up-to-date on vaccinations and ready to go home. Come meet Jazzy at our East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane. For more on Jazzy or any of our adoptable pets, call 502-366-3355 or visit www.kyhumane.org.

Also, it’s kitten season and the Kentucky Humane Society needs YOUR help in order to care for all the tiny kittens headed their way. They are holding a “kitten shower” to help gather these much-needed items on March 15 from noon to 2 p.m. at the Main Campus on Steedly Drive. There will be games, entertainment for the children and refreshments.

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Oscar: The Paws Report, March 5


The Star of The Paws Report today at 3:30pm:

Looking for a new best friend? So is Oscar! This sweet dude is a fluffy, white Lhasa Apso mix. At six years old, Oscar has plenty of pep in his step. He’s an easy going, loving little guy. And who can resist his darling under bite? After being lost as a stray, this sweetheart wants nothing more than a new family to call his own. Oscar is a laid back boy who will sit quietly next to you and let you love all over him. He is easy to please and always wants to be by your side. Oscar is neutered, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Come meet him today at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive. View all adoptable pets online at www.kyhumane.org or call 502-366-3355 for more information.

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Lenny: The Paws Report, 2-26-14

Lenny 1 (1)

Today on The Paws Report at 3:30pm, meet Lenny, a happy-go-lucky beagle who is ready for a forever home! Lenny was found as a stray and turned in to KHS. He was extremely thin and immediately went into foster care so that he could get to a healthy weight. He is now looking and feeling great and wants a family to share the joys of life. Lenny’s foster says that he gets along great with dogs and cats and that he loves to lay in the sunshine and play with his toys. He’s still trying to get to his healthy weight, so he loves food. He also appears to get along with people of all ages! Please come to our Main Campus at 241 Steedly Drive to meet Lenny today! For more information about Lenny or any of our adoptable pets, call 502-366-3355 or visit our website at www.kyhumane.org.

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Lucy: The Paws Report, Feb. 12


The star of The Paws Report today at 3:30pm is Lucy, a four-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix who was rescued from a puppy mill in January. Before she was rescued, she lived in a small pen in an overcrowded shed and received little human interaction. Now at the Kentucky Humane Society, Lucy is eager to please and enjoys gentle attention. When you approach her in her kennel, she seems to be saying “Just give me a chance, I will be a good girl, I just need you to take it slow and let me learn how to accept your attention and love.” You can tell she wants to come out of her shell now and needs the right kind of person to be patient and understanding of what she has been through. While she is a little fearful of new things and loud noises, she seems indifferent to other dogs and really wants to be in a home with experienced animal people and kids over five years of age who understand her needs and sensitivities. Lucy is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on her vaccinations. Please come visit her today at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive, Louisville. View all adoptable pets online at www.kyhumane.org or call 502-366-3355 for more information.

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Beatrice: The Paws Report, Jan. 29


Today at 3:30 pm meet Beatrice, a petite tabby cat with long, silky fur. This girl has it all: looks and personality. She is eight years old, and has been through a number of households through no fault of her own. One of her owners moved across the country and couldn’t take beautiful Beatrice with her. Beatrice was returned to the Kentucky Humane Society and adopted into a multi-cat household, but the resident cats were too much for her, so she came back to KHS. Beatrice is an affectionate, loving cat who will come up to you for a head scratch. When you stop, she will put her head under your hand for more. She also enjoys tucking her head right under your chin. Beatrice is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. Meet Beatrice at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive, Louisville or call 366-3355 to learn more. View all adoptable cats and dogs at www.kyhumane.org.

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