Introducing The Guestlist With Sean Cannon

Sean Cannon has a new interview show called The Guestlist. Every week, you’ll hear casual, in-depth conversations with musicians, comedians, actors, authors, and other notable weirdos. It’s kind of like making a new friend at the end of the bar — then finding out they were in your favorite band.

The Weekly Feed: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit talks with Kyle Meredith about their upcoming anniversary, Emmylou Harris and touring backstage at the Forecastle Festival.

Grace Potter – Empty Heart (Live on WFPK)

Grace Potter and longtime Nocturnals guitarist Benny Yurco perform Empty Heart from her upcoming solo debut, Midnight.

The Tunesmiths – Full Time Hustle/Stomp Stomp (Live on WFPK)

Louisville rock ‘n’ rollers The Tunesmiths perform the title track from their new album, as well as a song from their sophomore album on WFPK’s Live Lunch on Jly 10 in Louisville, KY.

Joanna Newsom – Sapokanikan

Jonn Newsom is back, and she’s got the inimitable Paul Thomas Anderson in tow for the Sapokanikan video. Her new album, Divers, is out Oct. 23.

Yo La Tengo – Friday I’m in Love

I always knew Yo La Tengo would ultimately be responsible for the destruction of the world. I just didn’t know it would happen in quite this way.