John Fogerty on The Weekly Feed

The legendary John Fogerty is back with a new album called Wrote a Song For Everyone, where he’s gathered some of music’s biggest names to help him reimagine some of his greatest songs. We sat down with the Hall of Famer to get the stories behind tackling Fortunate Son with the Foo Fighters, having Bob Seger play Who’ll Stop the Rain through a phone, and the comparisons of Jennifer Hudson to Tina Turner.

Wax Fang – The Blonde Leading the Blonde

The latest Wax Fang video, directed by Ryan Daly and bassist Jake Heustis, features frontman Scott Carney doing the best impression of a disenfranchised housewife since January Jones. The video was also premiered on Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco website, which adds to the already-hefty list of recent accolades and accomplishments for the band.

The National – Sea of Love

That kid should become the honorary sixth member of The National. You know, just like the dancing guy in The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

The Lone Bellow – Bleeding Out

If busking was really as cool as the video for Bleeding Out by The Lone Bellow makes it seem, more people would be quitting their jobs to play music on the street. Then again, I want to do that now just because I watched this video.

Billy Bragg on The Weekly Feed

The legendary Billy Bragg just released Tooth & Nail, another mark in an already outstanding career. He dropped into our SxSW stage to talk about his handyman blues, hustling to get his record deal, keeping a political song relevant long after it’s event, and his career as a lover and a fighter.

Dawes on The Weekly Feed

Dawes joined Kyle Meredith and The Weekly Feed at SXSW to talk about their new record, Stories Don’t End, road records versus airplane records, wondering if that next song is going to come, their trip to Rwanda and keeping that spirit of activism alive once they get back into their regular routine.