Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys

Jenny Lewis enlists a few famous friends to back her up – and translate the subject matter of the song onto the screen in a pretty literal fashion – for the video accompanying her latest single, Just One of the Guys.

Broken Bells Live on WFPK

Broken Bells stopped by the studio and performed a couple of songs live in the performance studio. As you can imagine, it was awesome. Here’s one of them, Holding on for Life.

Nick Dittmeier – Light of Day

Nick Dittmeier and his crew give us a pretty intense living room show in the video for Light of Day, the title track to his latest album.

Bob Mould – I Don’t Know You Anymore

For someone who had a reputation as being a serious, emotionally-charged songwriter for decades, Bob Mould definitely seems to have lightened up in recent years – particularly if his hilarious music videos are any indication.

Live Lunch With Fly Golden Eagle

Fly Golden Eagle is currently touring with their latest, psych-funk release, Swagger. Watch them perform 2nd Hour of the Night, Psyche’s Dagger, Violet Crown and Devil’s Eye (Basilisk) on WFPK Radio Louisville’s Live Lunch.

Conor Oberst – Zigzagging Toward the Light

Not too long ago, word broke that Conor Oberst was working on a Monsters of Folk-driven sci-fi screenplay. That’s one top of the last Bright Eyes album, The People’s Key, which was heavy on the discussion of reptoids (reptilian aliens from another dimension, for those among us who aren’t Art Bell devotees).

So it’s not much of a surprise that Oberst’s latest video, for Zigzagging Toward the Light from the album Upside Down Mountain, seems to draw on some sci-fi themes. Not only that, but the story from this video will apparently be continued in future music videos as well. All hail Conor Oberst, this generation’s musical Philip K. Dick.