Meet the hosts

James BickersJames Bickers
James hosts Saturday afternoon from noon-3pm; prior to that he kept the DJ chair warm on weekday mornings from January of 2004 to October of 2011; prior to that, he did a two-year stint as afternoon jazz host, and prior to that he hosted and produced a long-running literary talk show on our sister station, WFPL.

Duke MeyerDuke Meyer
Duke was born and raised in Shively, Kentucky, and graduated from Western High School. He wanted to pursue a career as a well-paid, multi-talented baseball player. The desire was there, but a massive lack of talent put a halt to that ambition. After a few years in the Army reserve, in Armed Forces Radio and Television, he decided to make radio his career. While working in radio here in Louisville, Duke returned to school and graduated from Spalding University with a B.S. degree in Mass Communication and spent a short time teaching at the University of Louisville and Spalding University.

Marion DriesMarion Dries
Marion was born in Louisville, KY but moved with her family to Jacksonville, FL at age ten. While there she discovered the two great loves of her life (beside her husband): music and history. “The music of the Beatles opened me up to a love of all forms of music, and my fascination with the band led me to research their history.”

Laura ShineLaura Shine
Radio for Laura Shine started as a hobby with a one hour show on Sundays called Womanwaves that made its debut in 1992 on our sister station 89.3FM WFPL. At the time, she was in a popular local band called Yer Girlfriend, an English major at U of L, and waiting tables at the Bristol Bar & Grille where every Louisvillian and their uncle has worked at least once upon a time.

Matt AnthonyMatt Anthony
Matt Anthony was raised in the most regimented melting pot in the world – U.S. military bases. In this culture clash, he developed an appreciation for all types of music, but hip-hop would be his first love. He started DJ-ing dances in Italy at the age of thirteen. His partner was a senior from NYC. “He had the equipment and I had the music.” He also brought Matt tapes of DJ Red Alert (NYC’s premier radio jock). “The way these cats would scratch and blend music floored me. I knew this is what I had to do.”

Ibuka was born in Manchester, Jamaica and grew up in St. James on the western part of the country. He took part in community activities, played soccer and was a champion athlete for four consecutives years, representing his country at the national level. An educator for seven years, Ibuka specialized in calculations, engineering drawing, and language communications.

Woody ChancyWoody Chancy
So you say you’re lookin’ for a place to go after hours on a Friday or Saturday night? Well, Woody’s Roadhouse is open all night and has a great jukebox to boot. All killer, no filler, baby. We feature only the finest in honkin’ and twangin’ and shoutin’ at the Roadhouse. So drop in, won’t you? We kick it into gear at 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights and we rock it ’til the cows come home … Only on WFPK Radio Louisville. The Mighty Fine Ninety-One Nine.

kyle-headshotKyle Meredith
The latest addition to the WFPK family, Kyle is the man responsible for the  Monday night show “The Weekly Feed,” as well as its daily counterpart “The Daily Feed,” which airs every morning at 8. Kyle’s job is to stay connected and up-to-date with all of the music swirling the blogosphere, and bring you the very best of the day’s current buzz tunes. He’s also WFPK’s Music Director and can be heard Monday-Thursday morning 9am-noon.

Kevin YazellKevin Yazell
Kevin Yazell is a commercial sales and leasing agent for the Walter Wagner, Jr. Co. by day and radio host in his secret life.  In addition to the Saturday Night Blues Party he was formally host and producer of  the Rolling Stones Radio Hour, which aired on stations from Virginia Beach to St. Paul, Alaska!  Kevin has had a lifelong passion and knowledge of music of all kinds and was owner/operator of two independent music stores in Central Indiana for over 8 years.

Danny O’Bryan
Danny O'Bryan“Jazz Insights” host Danny O’Bryan, “The Renaissance Man of Everything,” is a singer, saxophonist, poet, playwright, actor, English professor and former contributing entertainment columnist and jazz critic for the Louisville Time & Courier Journal, The Lexington Herald and the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) magazine.  Listen Sunday morning from 8 to 10!

John LaBarberaJohn LaBarbera
Host John La Barbera brings over thirty years of professional composing/arranging experience to his weekly show featuring the best of big bands and large jazz ensembles. Sometimes interspersed with personal anecdotes and glimpses of the real inside of the jazz world. From Duke to Gil Evans, Dizzy to Woody, and Basie to Thad Jones, the show has a broad appeal and should satisfy the listening tastes of all age groups.

Dick SistoDick Sisto
Starting out as a speech major at Northwestern University, Dick’s future was forecast with his documentary on the life and music of Bill Evans. He studied with some of radio and television education’s greats before pursuing a professional career as a jazz musician. Still today he marries both lives as one of our community’s well-known jazz musicians and as host of the Inner Ear.

Michael YoungMichael Young
Michael has been host and producer of Roots ‘n Boots (Sundays 5-8pm) since it began in April of 1998. He’s a member of the Americana Music Association and reports to their weekly Americana Music Chart. Michael occasionally guest-hosts other WFPK programs and airshifts and is generally acknowledged as the “country music guy.” He firmly believes Merle Haggard is the greatest songwriter of our generation, and he’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table and shout it. When he’s not honky-tonkin’ and crying in his bourbon, he’s marketing manager for PPG Architectural Coatings (PPG Porter Paints, PPG Pittsburgh Paints).

Berk BryantBerk Bryant
Berk was born in Lynchburg, VA. 8 June 1930. He grew up there and learned to love “hillbilly,” string music, mountain music, whatever name it was given over the years. A graduate of E.C. Glass high school in Lynchburg, he went on to become a non-graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Drafted for the Korean war during the school year of 1952. After that two-year stint in the army, he obtained a job at a local radio station WWOD and developed a country show called Country Gentleman Time. The show name was taken from the theme, “Country Gentleman” by Chet Atkins, and Berk adopted the name for himself.

(Staff photos by Michael Wilson.)