Matt Anthony

Jamaican radio in the ’60s was still stuck in the colonial era, leaving the majority of Jamaicans wanting. Mobile DJs with their equipment loaded on the backs of trucks took the music directly to the people. Sometimes the DJs would compete in the “yards” for listeners. This was a Sound Clash.

In America, in the Clear Channel era, we bring the new Champion Sound directly to the people. Walk with us through the great urban centers of the world: Kingston, Havana, Nueve York, London, Los Angeles, San Juan and Rio De Janeiro. We trace the evolution of the drum from past to present through Reggae, Soul, Punk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz, and Afro-Funk. The Sound Clash happens every Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Matt also hosts Jazz Pulse. Sundays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., he explores the Jazz spectrum from New Orleans classics, to Bebop, Blue Note, Impulse and long lost rarities.

Matt Anthony was raised in the most regimented melting pot in the world – US military bases. In this culture clash, he developed an appreciation for all types of music, but hip-hop would be his first love. He started DJing dances in Italy at the age of thirteen. His partner was a senior from NYC. “He had the equipment and I had the music.” He also brought Matt tapes of DJ Red Alert (NYC’s premier radio jock). “The way these cats would scratch and blend music floored me. I knew this is what I had to do.”

Eventually he left Italy and wandered the globe soaking up the sounds and rocking parties at every spot on the map. Fate landed him in scenic Louisville, Kentucky where he worked as a manager/buyer for Ear X-tacy Records for five years. This eventually led to his first paid radio gig after assembling a CD rack for WFPK’s Program Director.

Matt’s Sound Clash playlist:

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