Frightened Rabbit-Get Out Download


Frightened Rabbit has returned with the anxiously awaited album ‘Painting Of A Panic Attack’ on Atlantic Records. We’re looking forward to their upcoming show at Headliners on May 3rd. Check out their latest video ‘Get Out’ and grab the download as well.

Download ‘Get Out’ by Frightened Rabbit

Nada Surf – Cold to See Clear


After the longest break between records of their career, Nada Surf has followed up The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy with You Know Who You Are. On the single Cold to See Clear, Matthew Caws and crew certainly know who they are musically. You could even say the anthem is arch-Nada Surf, providing a textbook example of the lyrical themes and power-pop chops the band is known for.

Download Cold to See Clear by Nada Surf

M. Ward – Confession


Confession is the second single from M. Ward’s first solo album in four years, More Rain. The track is built around a steady and inviting groove that’s reminiscent of the cathartic feeling you get after a much-needed confession.

Download Confession by M. Ward

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San Fermin – No Devil


San Fermin frontman Allen Tate goes full Bill Callahan on the plucky single No Devil, and this is in no way a complaint. The track appears on the deluxe edition of San Fermin’s Jackrabbit LP, which is out now.

Download San Fermin’s No Devil

St. Germain – Sittin’ Here


St. Germain, whose albums Boulevard (1995) and Tourist (2000) originated a genre of French electronic music that later included artists like Air, has returned to the studio to create his first album in 15 years. The self-titled record marries percussive grooves, which have always been central to St Germain’s sound, with a new element: traditional Malian music.

Sittin’ Here features Guimba Kouyate on guitar and Nahawa Doumbia on vocals.

Download Sittin’ Here

Becca Mancari – Summertime Momma


Singer/songwriter Becca Mancari might be from Appalachia, but she lives in Nashville these days. Similarly, her music reflects both her roots and her current locale, marrying folk sensibilities with Southern charm and soul. Summertime Momma is a perfect example of the fine musical line that Mancari walks.

Download Summertime Momma by Becca Mancari