Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Life Is Hard


While you’re busy downloading the latest single from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Life Is Hard, be sure to check out the live performance of the song recorded at New York’s Box Theater last month.

Volcano Choir – Byegone


Repave – the latest meticulously-crafted, dreamy mess from Justin Vernon’s other band, Volcano Choir – is out this week. Here is the lead single. Byegone.

Download Byegone

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action


Franz Ferdinand is back with a new record. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is the British band’s first album since 2009’s Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, and it was worth the wait. It’s out this week, and here is the lead single, the aptly-titled Right Action.

Download Right Action

Washed Out – Don’t Give Up


Ernest Greene is back with another Washed Out record. The lushy, dreamy Paracosm is out now, and here is a taste of it called Don’t Give Up.

Download Don’t Give Up

Laura Veirs – Sun Song


Laura Veirs has assembled an all-star cast for Warp & Weft, both in terms of guest appearances and her backing band, with Jim James, Neko Case, KD Lang, Carl Broemel, Tucker Martine and Karl Blau all contributing to one degree or another. But the real stars here are the songs Veirs has written for her ninth album, which is out tomorrow.

You’ve no doubt heard the lead single, Sun Song, on our airwaves over the last few weeks. And now you have a chance to download it fore the next week and listen at your leisure.

Download Sun Song

Photo courtesy of Chloe Aftel.

Obits – Spun Out


The third Obits LP, titled Beds & Bugs, hits streets Sept. 10. As such, Rick Froberg and the gang have given us a brand new single for download called Spun Out. Here’s a little background on the song from guitarist Sohrab Habibion (via Brooklyn Vegan):

This tune was originally called “Black Ice” until we realized that there is an exceptionally mediocre AC/DC song and album from 2008 with the same name. So, instead of changing the name to a great Acca Dacca number like “She’s Got Balls,” we decided to go with “Spun Out.” When I first wrote the intro guitar part that ends up sort of doubling the opening bass line, I was thinking of trying something like what Stuart Moxham does on Young Marble Giants’ “Choco Loni,” but then Rick came up with those buttery Duane Eddy chords, which gave it nice twist. And for music nerds, there’s an interesting change in the outro, where Greg holds his bass loop from the chorus while Rick transitions from a picking guitar part to more of a rave-up and I add some rhythmic guitar stabs. We wanted to gradually increase the tension before the song finally falls apart. Also I really like Rick’s lyrics on this one, which are as heartbreaking as a classic country song. It’s easy to imagine one of the great Chuck’s (Charlie Rich, Charley Pride, Charlie Daniels) singing “Want a change in lighting. Want a change for life. Each link on a bad road broken. Want a change for life.”