Forecastle 2014 Playlist


With each passing week, Forecastle 2014 inches closer and closer. We’re so excited about this year’s lineup that we went ahead and put together a playlist with most of the artists on the bill. It’s one thing to read all of the names side by side; it’s another thing altogether to hear their songs side by side.

Connect at Bernheim – Arts in Nature


During Connect at Bernheim this weekend, we asked for nature-inspired song suggestions so we could put together a playlist. We received so many great submissions from both large and small artists alike, so here it is (with as many songs that were available online as possible). Listen in the park, listen in the woods, or just listen at home while you relax and pretend like you’re surrounded by flora and fauna.

Forecastle 2013 Playlist


Since the lineup for Forecastle 2013 is here and tickets are on sale, we’re already getting ourselves pumped up with this playlist featuring some of the bands that’ll be at the festival this year. You probably should, too, right?

Bonnaroo 2013 Playlist


The lineup for Bonnaroo 2013 has been announced, and it’s a doozy. To get you all pumped up for the festivities in June, here is a playlist with some of the artists featured this year. We didn’t put everyone on the playlist, because that would be too much amazing music for one person to handle. But there’s still lots of good stuff here.

Handpicked By Joan Shelley


In preparation for her set at the Jan. 30 edition of Winter Wendesday (alongside Matt Costa), we asked Joan Shelley to pick some songs for a nice winter playlist. Here’s what she came up with.

The Best of Bob Mould, Past and Present


It’s hard to tell what exactly motivated Bob Mould to get back to his raucous, distorted roots – but there’s no doubt that he’s tapping into said roots on Silver Age. And based on his recent late-night TV performances, he seems to be having more fun than he has in years.

Since it’s what some might consider a return to form, we’ve decided to revisit Mould’s back catalog. So here are some of his best songs, spanning the early days of Hüsker Dü to his stint fronting Sugar and his late-career solo works.