The Onion’s A.V. Club just published its annual list of the Worst Band Names of the Year. Some real howlers on here, including Penguins with Shotguns, Dance Me Pregnant, Harmonica Lewinsky, The Hobbits of the Shire, and my personal favorite, Butt Stomach. I don’t see any WFPK artists on this list. Phew.

However, there are quite a few WFPK artists on the Onion’s Best Music of 2007 list, which includes Iron and Wine, Rilo Kiley, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Spoon, Wilco, Tegan and Sara, The National, Band of Horses and several more. (Please note that both links lead to The Onion, which occasionally has some explicit language in the comments. Possibly not safe for work.)