Imagine if you will hordes of hockey stick wielding Mounties on moose back, charging across frozen tundra. Yes A crimson coated menace making incursion after incursion into the great ol’ US of A. Ok, maybe things aren’t that dramatic but surely I am not the only person that has notice the subversive actions of our neighbors to the North.

51gmtwc84zl_aa240_.jpg21ugx9vmoel_aa115_.jpgI am not talking about the American way being threatened by socialized medicine, generally polite behavior, or the word “eh” creeping into our vernacular. No I’m talking about the seemingly large number of respectable records produced by Canadian artists in recent past.

Slowly but surely the Canadians are winning our hearts and minds in their bid annex space in our CD collections. Artists like Stars, Kevin Drew, The Dears, and Jason Collett have been churning out song after song. Heck even Neil Young the original grunge rocker released Chrome Dreams II.

That’s just the beginning, every time you turn around Feist is hocking an iPod or Tegan and Sara are pimping MTV programs. Even our elevators aren’t safe anymore. Oh you don’t believe me, check out this video of Arcade Fire.