Have I thought of everything I might need while at Bonnaroo? I’m going over my things-to-get list and it includes:

-Energy Bars (great for breakfast or a snack)

-Canned food items that will keep in the hot sun

-High SPF lip balm (Olu Dara would be proud!)

-Rain Gear

The food items on my list do not include traditional “grill” food. Camping usually implies a grill experience or two, but I don’t usually camp in 90+ temperatures with little or no shade. You can try to bring food to grill if you like, but I think you’ll find you’ll be too hot (and too busy) to want to hang around a fire for very long. Of course, it does cost money to buy all your food at the festival, so that’s why I recommend taking back-pack worthy staples for lighter morning/afternoon meals.

As you enter the main camping area from the Bonnaroo Arch, you’ll find a long strip of “Mom & Pop” concession stands selling various tie-dye and batik items and TONS of food stands. Name the type of food you like and you’ll probably find it at a fairly cheep price. I somehow doubt these stands have been inspected by any Governmental Authority, so buyer beware. For what it’s worth, I ate at one last year and suffered no ill effects.

Within CenterRoo itself, you’ll find tons more food stands, and I suspect these have passed some sort of inspection. The food costs a bit more, but it’s also closer to all the music action.