Bonnaroo is a fantastic experience, full of good vibes and great music. But it does have a few downsides. For example, having to use Port-a-Potties for 4 days straight. The sanitation crew does a great job, but there is only so much they can do when you’re cleaning up after 70,000 humans. Saturday night brought a new horror I guess I should have expected to occur at some point: I found myself hearing sounds emanating from the tent next door that I REALLY didn’t want to hear (the sound of loud snoring quickly followed this incident). As the sun came up over the Tennessee countryside, I finally settled down for some much needed rest. Barely two hours later, I awoke to David Byrne LOUDLY rocking a large crowd. But wait a minute – David’s not scheduled to be here. I staggered out of my campsite to check out what was going on, only to find 5 guys with an RV and a massive PA system cranked to the max. I have never had a murderous thought while at ‘Roo until this morning. Well, at least they drowned out all the snoring. Since sleep was out of the question, I went to take a shower.

The showers here are co-ed. That kinda freaks me out. There are about six stalls to a shower station, and while there’s a curtain separating you from your fellow campers, the curtain never seems to be wide enough to give one a sense of privacy. The nice folks at Garnier Shampoo have supplied the showers with packets of their product, but this morning HUNDREDS of empty packets coated the floor of the stalls. Yuck. Next year I’m taking a device called a Solar Shower. I used to have one; time to buy another one.