pimpsofjoytime01_story.jpg Direct from the Underground Realm of Brooklyn and New Orleans comes a band that is shakin’ it up with a pure new sound that will enlighten your perception of truly electrifying music.

Their music is so fresh that all you need is to hear any one of their songs and you’ll know immediately that truly these cats are masters of the art and straight-up are ‘Pimpin’ the Joytime. What your ears don’t tell you, your feet will!
The Pimps not only get the people dancing, but their songs, melodies and stage presence leave an impression on the crowd that begs the question: “Who are these Pimps? And where do I get some more?”
The front man and visionary of the band is singer/multi-instrumentalist and writer Brian J. Beside his ability to write and sing electrifying modern classics, his fiery guitar playing alone is enough of a reason to check out the Pimps of Joytime.
A weekly Sunday night residence at The Stinger Club in Brooklyn put Brian J. in contact with DJ Black Pearl who was wrapping up the night with his set. A New Orleans resident, Black Pearl brings his special spice to the band through his sampler work, vocals, and percussion.
On congas and vocals, bringing in the tribal element as well as the third harmony vocal, is Chauncey Puresound.
Doo-wop influenced harmonies, New Orleans shout-calls, soul chants with a modern hip-hop attitude sail on top of the driving rhythm that’s created whenever the Pimps of Joytime do their thing. Their love of afro-beat, rock n roll, north Mississippi blues, Cuban son montuno, hip hop, and dub shines through as they combine elements of those styles into their own special brew. They consistently get people out of their seats, squeakin’ their sneaks and scootin’ their boots.
The Pimps draw from influences of Sly and the Family Stone, Fela Kuti, Rebirth Brass Band and Tower of Power.
The Pimps Of Joytime’s debut album, “High Steppin’,” is 13 tracks and is just under an hour in length. Written and produced by Brian J in his own studio, the production combines programming and organic instrumentation in a masterful way. Programmed drum sounds, meshed with 60’s style live drums, Moog and live bass provide the foundation of the tracks. A variety of analog organs, electric and acoustic guitars and varied percussion fill out the sound. Tight and cutting verses with large infectious choruses complete the mix.
“High Steppin'” is a collection of great songs that tell a story and communicate sentiments of love, travel, and good times. It’s a great mood setter for a block party or as a soundtrack to a road-trip. If you’re still wondering what you’re in for… The Pimps of Joytime are gonna set you straight with their groundbreaking sounds of non-stop jubilated pimp-hop, soul bop and melodic Funk Op.

Don’t think of passing this by: It’s sure fire huge and blowin’ up!

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