moby1Got a gorgeous new Moby song to share with you!  It’s titled “Pale Horses” from his new CD Wait For Me.  His friend Amelia Zirin Brown sings on the track.    Watch the video below and check out some notes from Moby about the song.

Moby on “Pale Horses”

“I know that no one apart from studio geeks want to hear about studio tricks, but one of my goals with this record was to make a lot of it sound older than it was.

Not retro sounding or nostalgic sounding, but in a lot of newer recordings i find that everything’s really bright and I just wanted the vocals on this song to sound like conversational vocals. With ‘Pale Horses’, it’s my friend Amelia singing.

More often than not, when I work with a singer, they come over, I play them the song once, I put a mic in their hand and have them do a rough version of it. Then they come back later and do a more polished version. 90% of the time I never even consider using the polished versions. So this is her holding a $70 microphone, no headphones, just singing it with me holding the lyrics in front of her pointing to the words.  She didn’t know the song, so her performance had a vulnerable, naïve quality. When she knew the song better and I recorded it with a better mic, it sounded too slick. But this version still sounded too polished for me, so I took her vocals and put them on a weird old 1/8” tape machine and re-recorded that back into the song.

So if they sound old-timey, that’s great because I wanted them to sound as if they were recorded 40 years ago instead of a year and a half ago.”

Stacy is the WFPK Program Director.