Off the Record podcast

[podcast][/podcast]Our guests this week for Off The Record are The Sirens.  Together as the Sirens since 2007, singer songwriter Hettie Mays and poet Kri Martin create great music with a unique sound blending folk, hip hop, soul, and spoken word with gorgeous vocals and deep lyrics.  According to their bio:

Everything the Sirens do is out of Love first. They emulate love, gratitude, and empowerment they evoke emotions from every chakra. The Sirens are based out of Louisville KY and are ambassadors of the grass roots organization Mighty Kindness. The Sirens are the winners of the 2009 National Women’s Music Festival’s Discovers Talent Competition. They reflect their childhood dreams into realities, blending their love of written and spoken word with beautiful melodies and rhythms.

Before they left for a tour of the western United States Hettie & Kri were nice enough to give me 5 songs for Off The Record: