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“I probably spent 10,000 hours in this place…working, rehearsing, performing countless concerts. It’s crazy to come back to this place and feel all of those moments rush back to me. It’s also crazy to think about how much time we spent rehearsing and practicing a craft from such a long time ago. All of these dead German composers—Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn… Today we have new versions of those composers. New methods, new philosophies, new ways to create—not only with music, but just making in general. I would like to consider myself a hybrid, a new form of those composers. Fusion. Collaboration. That’s what I learned while I was here at the music school. Making music with other people, creating something new, or rethinking ways of creating something that already existed. And that’s what I represent as an artist. Fusion.”

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.