Mike Nilsson is a professional comedian and in a band called The Non-Essentials. He will also be the emcee for a tribute to singer/songwriter Tom Waits that will feature all Louisville musicians on July 29, 2016 at Highlands Taproom at 7pm. We asked him about the upcoming event.

WFPK: Why Tom Waits as your subject to pay tribute to?

Mike Nilsson: All credit for the idea goes to Derrick Manley of Bottom Sop and Fu*kMunkys. Derrick put a post on Facebook requesting people interested in doing this, and he got a huge response. As far as “why Tom Waits,” it’s because he’s one of those artists who is a touchstone for so many interesting and creative people. It’s a select group of misfits and ne’er do-wells that share a passion for music that is way far off the beaten path, yet so beautiful once you make the effort to appreciate it. Plus, he has such a huge catalog of songs that appeal to different groups, depending on which period of his career you focus on.

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