We recently spoke with Chad Graham, lead singer for the band Thirty Spokes, about a new series he’s spearheading that mixes live performance with video, a podcast, and a 1920’s Speakeasy. It’s called The Fire Escape Sessions and its debut will be at The Silver Dollar on December 1, 2016 with Nellie Pearl and Bennett Wales performing.

Hi Chad, What are the “Fire Escape Sessions” and how did you come up with the name?
The Fire Escape Sessions is a monthly video podcast that incorporates a 1920’s theme. The show includes comedy, musical performances, and interviews with the bands. All of it is recorded and released later for viewers to watch or listen to on a social media platform. The name started because our first event is on the second floor of The Silver Dollar, and attendees will use the fire escape to access the second floor. The speakeasy feel of the show with the unique access point seemed fitting.

Who’s hosting these shows?
Myself and professional comedian, Matt Molchen, will be hosting with our co-host Carrie Cooke Retterman.

Will there be different themes each session or will it always be the 1920’s?
The Prohibition theme will remain with the show in the following episodes. But, the period is so rich with art, events, and culture that we are playing with different ideas to incorporate in the subsequent episodes. In fact, our first episode on December 1st is in celebration of Repeal Day on Dec 5th, 1933.

Will it always be at The Silver Dollar or other venues as well?
The show will move each month to different locations to add to the mystery and “in-the-know” that is associated with speakeasies from the 20’s era.

Where can people find out more?
People can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.