One of our local music labels, sonaBLAST! Records, has been a champion for Irish singer/songwriter Mark Geary. They recently sent us the video of Mark’s new song “Battle of Troy” to make its debut! Here’s a little bit about the song and how Mark envisioned the video straight from the horse’s (aka Mark Geary’s) mouth:

“Hi guys at WFPK- sending my love and regards. This is the first song from the new record. I went off to the bat cave for two years to make this record between touring etc. I kept having this line ‘that’s when the room caught fire’. In my head, every time I picked up the guitar it would come, and finally the song came. The idea for the video is that really, we all are clowns, looking for our own crowd, our own circus, where we find some encouragement, some love… there is always joy if you seek it.”

The new album due later this summer on sonaBLAST! Records is titled The Fool.