The 5th Annual Warm Up Louisville will take place January 6, 2019 at Zanzabar from 3 to 8pm. Presented by The Louisville Musician Service Coalition (LMSC), the event benefits Forgotten Louisville, My Dog Eats First, and Love City in an effort to WARM UP the homeless in our community, as a community. These groups work to provide vital resources directly with our homeless and those in need. Representatives will be on hand during the event to help raise awareness and provide information about how our community can be a part of their mission.

This is an all ages family event. Admission is $10 or a new or gently used warm winter item(s) such as: blankets, coats, boots, socks, hats, mittens, gloves, or dog food.

Some specific items that are greatly needed are:

For Pets: Fleece pet-size blankets, pet coats or pet sweaters.

For Humans:
Thermals (long johns)
Small Coleman propane tanks (found in the camping section of Walmart, target, etc.
Sterno (chaffing oil)
Sleeping bags
All sizes of batteries
Wet wipes

All items and money donated will go directly to those in need.

The event will feature original performances by some of Louisville’s finest musicians and singer-songwriters:
Small Time Napoleon
Villa Mure
Reverend Graham
Heidijoy Stenson
Kelly Newton
Danny Flanigan
Brooke Hall
And more…

Last year’s event resulted in the collection of nearly 1000 winter items which were given directly to those in need in the Louisville area. It is the hope of the LMSC that no one in our community will go without protection from the winter elements.

The Louisville Musician Service Coalition‘s mission is to inspire and empower service to the community through music. Every day people say, “Somebody should do something about that!”. The Louisville Musician Service Coalition is taking up that cause by utilizing the artistic skills of volunteers to make an active difference in our community. We have a heart for people, music, and helping others. Our intent is to combine those three passions and make a difference in the lives of those in need. The focus is not to raise funds, but to raise DO-ers. Help us be the “Somebody”. More information at their Facebook page here.