You may not know Nashville-based singer-songwriter Amy Stroup by name, but you’ve most definitely heard her captivating voice and finely-crafted tunes on over 400 TV, film, and international ad campaigns. Classically trained on piano and classical guitar, she originally just wanted to be a songwriter for other artists, feeling that her voice was, as she says, “just OK”.  As it turned out, people loved her quirky voice, and for over a decade has been writing and performing on her own. On her third solo album, Helen Of Memphis, Stroup pushes her songwriting into bold new sonic territory, incorporating bright, electronic pop elements into groove and beat-driven tunes. You won’t want to miss her opening the show for Lissie this Saturday( 11/17) at Headliners. WFPK is proud to be presenting the show. From her latest album, check out the catchy pop tune “Magic”. This is Amy Stroup, The Opening Act!

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  • Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.