They play music that’s full of life, with singalong songs and sometimes dissonant sounds. Working their musical magic, the Northampton, MA based band  And The Kids manages to conjure chunky indie rock, blissful new wave, chamber folk, jarring avant-garde, and brawny classic rock. Their music is rooted in guitarist/vocalist Hannah Mohan’s longstanding personal and artistic ties with drummer Rebecca Lasaponaro. The two have been making music together since middle school; in 2011, the duo added Megan Miller on synthesizers and percussion, and later brought in Taliana Katz and Luke Averill to help round out its live sound. You can see what all the buzz is about this Tuesday (11/13), appearing with Caroline Rose at Zanzabar. Check out Friends Share Lovers, the title track from their last album. This is And The Kids, The Opening Act!

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  • Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.