Last year, Louisville garage-rock maestros Cereal Glyphs dropped their sophomore album, appropriately titled The Second Hand . Follow-up releases can have a tendency to fall short on delivering the goods compared to the debut work, but the Glyphs’ latest surpasses their first, which was a mighty fine record. This time out, the five piece group delivered 10 solid catchy psychedelic pop punk tunes that will stick in your head. The record does a great job of capturing the band’s energetic live sound, which is a difficult thing to do. We’re looking forward to their third! You can experience the band in action tonight (8/9) at Zanzabar appearing with Jon Spencer. From the The Second Hand, check out the catchy fuzzed-out out track Passions Not Enough. This is Cereal Glyphs, The Opening Act!

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Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 EST.