Since his debut album, Dolls Of Highland, came out in 2016, Kyle Craft has made one thing abundantly clear: For him, songcraft is king. The Shreveport, La., native, who wandered across the country plying his music before finally settling in Portland, Ore., stuffed Dolls with striking imagery, rich wordplay, and a rambling poetic energy. It was all grounded by solid arrangements and engaging pop-rock classicism — the kind of songs that felt instantly familiar and resonant. It was enough for the hallowed indie label Sub Pop to snatch up the unknown singer-songwriter after he showed up at their Seattle offices one day with a demo disc in hand. And now, on his new album, Full Circle Nightmare, his pen is even sharper. WFPK is proud to present Kyle Craft at The Mercury Ballroom this Friday (4/6) appearing with Dr. Dog. Check out Heartbreak Junky from his new album. This is Kyle Craft, The Opening Act!

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WFPK’s Kyle Meredith chats with Kyle Craft

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