Phourist and the Photons, fronted by local songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nick Hill began in 2012 as a solo project (known then only as Phourist). After two solo records, Hill recruited others, forming The Photons, to create a larger sound; a theatrical, melodic, yet stripped-down affair, experimenting with neo-classical themes tinged with rock. Once considered indie-pop, their most recent album In Infinite Indigo has the band in a different space. At times, the songs offer gentle piano instrumentals, until the rest of the band kicks in, and suddenly it’s an avant-garde, rock-meets-jazz vibe. It ebbs and flows between serene and frantic. And forget verses, bridges and choruses — Hill, whose key musical influences at an early age were film soundtracks, writes in movements. Hill’s love of ambient sound and cinematic style of writing melodies led to the sound that now defines the band. You can catch the group in action at Zanzabar on Thursday (3/15) at the Villa Mure EP release show along with Darlington Pairs. Check out the track Here’s Some Moonlight For Your Day. This is Phourist & The Photons, The Opening Act!

Phourist & The Photons will also be joining us for Waterfront Wednesday on April 25 with Lissie and The Weeks!

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Catch The Opening Act every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:10 EST

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