Since 2014, Jordan Humbert and his band The Winger Brothers have been best known for their good-time, tongue in cheek covers of 90’s country hits, and originals in the same vein. Songs about pickup trucks, women and drinking abound. But the band has been stretching out lately, with the song We Never Sang At All, a sparse dose of somber reflection, a subtle musical vehicle for contemplative lyrics and a lonesome croon. Jordan says “It’s our only song that’s not about trucks or drinking. There’s nothing tongue-in-cheek in the song. Most of our songs, there’s no metaphor”. The song happened quite unexpectedly, when a friend of Humbert won a contest with Third Man Records to record a song at their studio, and was asked to write a song quickly. Good chance you’ll hear this tune, along with other originals and the expected covers this Wednesday 2/21 at Zanzabar, for a pinball related event for the unveiling of Jersey Jack’s DIALED IN! ,with music performance from John the Band. Here with the song We Never Sang At All are The Winger Brothers, The Opening Act!

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