The Corrupting Sea is the recording and performing project of Jason T. Lamoreaux. Beginning on guitars and bass, Jason continued to expand his aural pallet and now utilizes synthesizers and whatever he can get his hands on to construct ambient soundscapes. An expression of feelings and very personal experiences, the moods generated through Jason’s work are expressions of real life stories and moments. While he has been releasing his music for only a couple of years, he’s been prolific with handful of albums on his own label Somewherecold Records. His most recent album Reflections was released this May, and already has another one on the way later this year. Recently moved from Texas, Jason will make his debut appearance in his new hometown of Louisville this Friday 8/3 appearing at Odeon with Us,Today . For a taste of what you’ll hear is the song Triumph from the latest album. This is The Corrupting Sea, The Opening Act.

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  • Catch The Opening Act Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am EST.