Singer/songwriter/artist Willis Earl Beal began his foray into the music business by tacking hand-drawn flyers all over the metropolitan Chicago area with his phone number and address. The flyers said “My name is Willis Earl Beal. Call me and I’ll sing you a song. Write to me and I’ll draw you a picture.” Though he’d never learned to play any instruments, he began to record raw, lo-fi albums with hand-drawn covers. Those artifacts would eventually find their way to XL Recordings leading to a record deal. Following the release of two well received albums, a collection of early home recordings, a fully-orchestrated album, and a song featured in the show Orange Is The New Black, it was clear that there was no way to pigeonhole him despite critics and publicists trying to. You can attempt to label him if you like this Friday (10/12) at Headliners, appearing with Cat Power, who herself is a fan. WFPK is proud to be presenting the show. She is featured on his track Coming Through. This is Wills Earl Beal, The Opening Act!

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