“Say Yeah!” is the new song and video from Louisville’s The Tunesmiths! The song and video breaks the mold previously forged by the band’s 8 year history of hard-driving, straightforward rock n’ roll. Hot-shot Producer, Kojin Tashiro, paired with the band to create a colossal, hook-heavy hybrid beast of a pop rock song. The lyrics explore the struggles of a confused and subjugated youth living in a patriarchal world, filled with frustration, anxieties and fear.

This is the second collaboration between the Tunesmiths and Louisville-based filmmakers Tommy Baker (writer/director) and Paul Coffey (producer). The video tells the story a young man who struggles at home as he tries to find his identity and place in our smartphone obsessed world but finds inspiration and acceptance in the music of the Tunesmiths. We find ourselves watching him watching a Tunesmiths’ video within the “Say Yeah” video and suddenly we are watching ourselves.