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Review/Preview and podcast by c d kaplan

The essence of movies is that they are meant to seen on a big screen, where the images overtake the audience, adding to the romance, mystery, intrigue or adventure. Films are by their very nature meant to be bigger than life.

Which is to say that viewing a movie on a TV at home, no matter how big the screen or how surrounding the sound system, doesn’t match the experience of seeing it in a theater on a real silver screen with a big box of popcorn.

This is especially true when the theater itself is a work of art, and the films being shown are legitimate classics and the screen is humongous.

And when the images are iconic. Dr. Strangelove in the war room. Butch and Sundance, wondering whether to jump or not. Holly Golightly at dawn in front of Tiffany’s eating a Danish and drinking coffee. Atticus Finch standing up for justice.

Those are found in but a few of the movies showing at the Palace on Friday and Saturday evenings for the next month or so. You can see the complete list and schedule here:

For more on Movie Night at the Palace, and a short consideration of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which showed last Saturday, listen to the podcast above.

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