Louisville musician Andrew Rinehart released a video of his song called “They Say” about the ending of his two year relationship with his ex-girlfriend’s consent. It’s a good use of those messy feelings that accompany such heartbreak. Fader premiered the video and included comments by Andrew about the making of it:

“My former romantic partner (Rachel Len Cary) and I made this video as a kind of eulogy for our wildly tumultuous two year relationship. Despite a happy start, overall our time together was characterized by extreme ups and downs and chaotic and frequent breakups. But our first year together was magical beyond words; it had the feeling of a kind of perfect lucid dream. That’s mostly what the video depicts, the early days, interspersed with much more recent lip syncing footage we shot together with our friend Danielle at a friend’s farm out in rural Kentucky.

Basically we made this video together to find closure. Obviously it’s been a difficult thing to do, but over the last year or so we’ve been able to gradually talk through all of our ridiculous fights and disagreements and traumas, and now instead of being all salty and bitter and sad we’ve come out on the other side as something like family, with a far greater understanding of both our own individual issues and each others’. Too often these days people seem to just ‘throw away’ whoever they’ve been close to if it hasn’t worked out perfectly. But that never works, because if you truly love someone in a way you will love them forever, regardless of what you’ve been through or how things have turned out. So this video is our humble tribute to us, the us we didn’t hardly know until it was way too late to keep from hurting each other far more than we ever probably needed to.”

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.