In the Studio

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs speaks with Kyle Meredith about her new collaboration Danger Mouse called Lux Prima, how they influence each other, and writing to his cinematic approach. We also hear about her work on Amazon’s Hannah and covering “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” how she hit the reset button after having a baby and wanting to redefine what she wanted out of her career (more music, less shows). Speaking of shows, will there be any live performances of the album? From there we hear about the feminine energy she says is all over the record and what that means in comparison to her earlier work. As for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we get an update that her plans for 2020 are wide open, speculating that there may be something cooking.

Listen at to the interview above and then check out the videos below:

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.