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They take their name from the Puerto Rican slang for “troublemaker”. Buscabulla is a Spanish-language experimental pop project helmed by Raquel Berrios and Luis Del Valle. Their latest single, “Vámono”, or “Let’s Go”, is both catchy and entrancing, fueled by the drumline percussion, undulating synth and silky vocals. It tells the story of the band’s real-life journey. Both born in Puerto Rico, the duo had called New York City home for years. Then Hurricane María struck the island in 2017, inspiring the couple to return home and rebuild. The song is a rally to those who have returned as well those whom have left. An urgent reminder to connect with your history, your roots, your very own self.

We were hooked with our first listen, and think you will be too! Grab the free download below while it’s available!

Click to download “Vámono” by Buscabula

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